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Kacey Jo

My Sweet Kacey- Jo
Purred: Sat Nov 6, '10 7:35pm PST 
Hi! My buddy Milo and I are here to meet more older pets. My name is Kacey. I am my family's first dog (before the beagle Pookey who peed all over the baby's stuff 12 years ago and then ran away) and I have some fun tails to tell. I mean, once, I ate a whole ham! I didn't feel great afterwards, but who would be? That's a big pig! Another time, my family was away from home while the Christmas tree was up and I ate a whole pound of dark chocolate fudge! It was delicious! But my family was not very happy with me after that. Now I'm older. I'll be thirteen in January and my hip dysplasia only gets worse. But that's okay, because I've got my pack with me. Sadly, I had a close call last summer. I seized right after my then 13 year old girl left. I almost died and I had to have emergency surgery because apparently I had bloated. I feel better now, but those pesky stairs are really hard to go up these days. I miss going to the forest and the river and on walks. Now I'm lucky if I get to walk five minutes to Friendlys or get to swim for thirty minutes. I miss the forest and I miss my best friend- Tanya the husky. She lives across the country and I haven't seen her in years. I remember her, though. And I know she remembers me. We have our memories to keep us going and I have my big pack. Oh yeah, Milo the cat says Hi.

Suzy Q

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Purred: Sun Nov 7, '10 9:07am PST 
waveHi Kacey, glad you have joined us here.

Brandy- (1995-2012)

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Hi Kacey, nice to meet ya...sounds like you have some tales to