Dakota- (Mama's- Little- Angel)

Mama's Little- Angel!
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Feel Free to post your Funniest Memories you have while you were on earth. Or any type of Memories. We are here fore each other!



Dakota- (Mama's- Little- Angel)

Mama's Little- Angel!
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I guess I will start, since it was my Bridge Crossing Day and I thought of many things.

I guess one of the best memories I have is escaping out of the front door and Mama chasing me through out the whole neighborhood!big laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laugh Each time I did this one neighbor tried to help but I wouldn't come to him either. This other neighbor would just sit on her steps and call my name and I went right to her. BOL! Mama came a huffin and a Puffin! I looked at Mama and said What????? You needed to exercise Mama and I was only trying to help! laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

Angel- Capri~Foreve- r loved

We miss- you,Angel- Capri!!
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I,Capri brought many fun ,sad ,and sweet moments to Momma's life. Her best memory of me was my "hitting paw"
If there was a cat,dog,or person I didn't exactly care for,she would whack em!

I also used to "pretend to be a mother" I would go in the basement where all Mom's old stuffed animals were. I would grab one in my mouth,run around the house meowing "merowrorwww! mrow! Purr! Meeeeooowwww! I even brought bday gifts to Momma! On one year on her bday,I went down in the basement,dragged up a stuffed animal,and brought it to Momma. I kept doing that all night! I knew that Momma would just adore having me bring her her old stuffed toys she hadn't seen in years!!!!

That was fun to remember memories!little angel

Angel Sandra- Marie

Born to Chase
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Sandra Marie who passed over May 18 was a real critter chaser..a fond memory was when she got her 1st squirrel, she was soo fast before I could go and get her she had the squirrel in her mouth with a look of "Pride" . She also use to gather all her treats and kept them on her chair, when one of the other fur kids would go and try to get one Sandra was in there face..she had quite the aggressive personality but as she aged she mellowed out..We really miss her.little angel

Angel Roxie

Foxie Roxie!
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You sound just like me! I still do it! BOL! Toys, Treats, Blankets, slippers. It doesn't matter! BOL! big laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laugh