I'm Sick

Pooder (In- Loving- Memory)

Mr. Mellow or- the Teddy Bear
Purred: Thu Apr 22, '10 2:24pm PST 
Daddy took me to the special vet today. (I had to go to the other one just a few days ago.) The vet shaved my tummy. That feels funny. But I heard him tell Mommy my liver and one kidney may have cancer but they can't tell for sure because of a bunch of fluid in my belly.

Mommy can't afford surgery for me. I'm not sure I'd like that anyway. I'm not a kitten anymore, you know. They're going to give me more pill pockets to see if I can at least just feel better. I like those.

Mommy is sad though. She says she wishes she was rich so they could just do anything to make me better. frown

Nittany- -Rainbow

Nittany - Never Give Up
Purred: Fri Apr 23, '10 3:41am PST 
I know how your mommy feels - mine just went through that. Tell your mommy that sometimes it's better to just keep us comfortable - especially when we are on the older side. I will pray that the doctor is wrong and that you will get better soon!