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Single- and- Free
Purred: Thu Jul 8, '10 1:15am PST 
Hi, I'm Penny and I am 3 years old. I live with my Dad and my brofur Eclipse. But my typist is my Dad's Mom, my Grandma. My Dad is disabled and can't type. He takes very good care of us and we have everything we need. He keeps our apartment very clean and buys us toys and stuff. He calls us his kids.

I am a Russian Blue and I'm alittle on the wild side. I grew up for a few months on a farm and was given away to my Dad. I love water. Any chance I can I like to get in it and play. I also like to play with all types of toys. I have my own condo and love to look out the window at people walking by.

Catster allows me to expand my horizons. Meet new furiends and stay close to special ones. Nice to meet you all.



True- Puurrrrfection
Purred: Thu Jul 8, '10 6:30pm PST 
It was pawsome reading about all of you kitties! Since my last post I have learned to flush Mama's litter box and now I am off limits in the baffroom!cry Mama says I can't do that because it will make her water bill high, whatever that islaugh out loud. Mama says I need to learn to use her litter box and maybe we could make us some moneylaugh out loud. Hope you all are having a furry good week. Mama says she is glad tomorrow is Friday!

Hugz and purrs, Sassy

Savannah Angel

Purred: Thu Jul 8, '10 7:39pm PST 
Hi, Peter I was out on my own for a while too, I am a bit wild myself. I give love bites and don't like to be touched much but my mom still keeps trying to hold me MOL... I am so happy to hear that your dad takes such good care of you and you get lots of toys. We have lots of toys too and a kitty condo.

MOL Sassy... it looks like you are getting into some trouble with your mom and that potty flushing MOL.... even though it makes the water bill higher, we think it's really cool that you flush the potty MOL...

Hope Everyone enjoys their weekend and stays cool and safe!


nom noms?
Purred: Fri Jul 16, '10 11:56am PST 
Hi everybody! My name is River! I'm a 6 year old rescue cat from off the streets, I also happen to have FIV but that doesn't hold me back at all!
Now let's see, what do I like... hmmmmmm....
I like...
Love, mommy, daddy, sister, (I'm very companion oriented), I like chewing cardboard boxes, I like chasing jingle balls, I like my lamb skin mousies, I like the zoomies, bug chasing, and squeaking adorably. I also love being the center of attention and getting my butt skritchied!


rub my belly!!!
Purred: Fri Jul 16, '10 11:58am PST 
I'm Simone, River's adopted sister! I'm a pure bread Siamese who was an abused breeder. I'm not happy happy happy though! I love BELLY RUBS!!! I also love nom noms and snuggling with mommy under the blankets and sleeping on her lap. I also like River being the only kitty in the house besides me, I'm distrustful of 'other kitties'!


It\'s crazy- being me
Purred: Sun Jul 18, '10 2:50am PST 
HI Rive and Simon,

It's nice meeting you both. We are so furry happy to hear you both have a great home now. Hope you both have a great summer and enjoy the group. kittyhappy dancekitty

Gunnarr T

I am Gunnarr the- warrior!
Purred: Mon Aug 30, '10 9:12pm PST 
Hey, my name Gunnarr T, and I am almost one year old. I catnot wait to be a mancat. First I was a baby mancat and then mama's little mancat. Mama and daddy call me their "cat in dog fur" because I am so outgoing and social. Mama calls me bold and reckless, but I am really just curious. My favorite sports are chasing my baby sister, Peekaboo, and then catching her and holding her down and nibbling on her. Peekie and I have a stroller, and we love to go strolling. We also travel with mama and daddy on vacation. We have gone twice this summer. Mama says I am a very good traveler. I never cry, but sometimes I have to plug my ears when Peekie tunes up. She does not like traveling all that much. I like writing my diary too!

Thanks for inviting me to join the group.



It\'s crazy- being me
Purred: Mon Aug 30, '10 10:02pm PST 
Hapy to see you here gunner T. It's really kewl that you get to travel. Mom wishs she could take us all when they go places but they only have a car and there isn't enough room. We also love to write in our Diarys, mom doesn't always get a chance to pop on and let us tell everyone about our day, but when we do we just love it! Hope you make lots of new friends here and you are welcome to add a topic or game anytime smilewave

Kaci- Sunshine - Beloved- Angel

Sugar 'n Spice
Purred: Wed Oct 13, '10 7:01am PST 
Hi! It's very nice to meet all of you and read your stories. big grin

My name is Kaci Sunshine. I'm 14 years old and live with my mommy and grandma. Mommy adopted me and my sister Miss Mittens about 5 years ago when my former mommy Alice went to heaven.

I just lost my sweet sister Miss Mittens. She was very sick and went to heaven on Sept. 1. It's very lonely without her and at first I kept looking everywhere for her. I've been very sad and depressed but mommy is taking good care of me and giving me lots of love and extra attention.

Despite my age I'm very playful and active and run around all over the house, jumping on and off the furniture, running up and down the stairs and acting crazy. I love playing with my toys, esp. my furry mice. It's fun to bat my mousies from room to room and carry them all over the house, upstairs and downstairs. There are furry mice all over my house. Sometimes mommy find them in her bed!

When the weather is nice one of my favorite places to spend the day is on my back porch where I can watch the squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies and birds or take a nap in the sun.

Oliver- 6/12/10-8/18- /11

Purred: Wed Oct 13, '10 8:05pm PST 
Hi Kaci-sunshine,

It is nice to meet you and learn alittle about you. I also love carrying my mice around the house. Sometimes when we play real hard with them mom ends up getting hit with one cause we throw them too hard MOL>...


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