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It\'s crazy- being me
Purred: Mon Apr 19, '10 9:24am PST 
Hi everyone,
I would love the chance to get to know all the kittys better. I would love to know what all your likes and dislike are. Maybe even some of your farvorit things to do. Let us know what makes you tick! I know I enjoy playing with the jingle balls and running through the house like something is chasing me. I also love fish and laying out in the sun. I love to talk and be the center of attention. How about you????kitty

Adam Dylan

Spoiled Man- Cat!
Purred: Mon May 24, '10 8:04pm PST 
My name is Adam, I am 11 years old and I still like to play. I like to play with my furry mouse or Mommy put some catnip in a sock and I LOVE that. Mommy takes me outside on walks on a leash, I smell everything and I still chase butterflies when I see them. I have 5 Sis Furs, Eve came first and then the 4 orange babies came, Pudd, Puff ,Pumpkin, Little One, Little One was with us for only 5 days before she had to go to the Bridge, she was VERY SICK.

I don’t like to go to the VET, I DON’T like my picture to be taken, MOMMY has thousands of them, most of them my eyes are closed. I don’t like too many kinds of foods.

If it was up to ME I would just eat HUMAN food.

I LOVE MY CHICKEN, I could eat it all the time, Mommy gives me chicken all the time, I am her BABY BOY and I am FURRY SPOILED.

I LOVE to ride in the car, when I was little we would go see My Aunt and it took 6 hours to drive and I just loved going there.

I guess this enough about ME!

Eve Layla

Torties RULE!
Purred: Mon May 24, '10 8:04pm PST 

My name is Eve I am 8 years old. When I was a furry little baby, somebody just threw ME away. I stayed in the woods for days, I was so furry hungry and somebody trapped Me and was going to take ME, who knows where. I started to CRY FURRY LOUD, turns out this was furry good to do this, Mommy heard ME and came to see what that was and found ME in a cage, so she grabbed ME and took ME HOME!

I was so FURRY HAPPY to find a GOOD MOMMY & HOME.

I have 1 BroFur Adam & 4 SisFurs, Pudd, Puff, Pumpkin, little One. Little One was VERY SICK and she had to leave us after 5 days,

I LOVE to play with furry mice and I like to BITE off their TAILS and eat them, I also like to play with all the toys Mommy gives us. She is REALLY good to all of US.

I DON’T LIKE the OUTSIDE at all, I guess on how I had to live there at first, I’M an INSIDE BABY and I don’t go outside at all, no way.

I like to eat mostly hard food, but I will eat a little soft food every now and then.

I like to sit in Mommies lap, but when it has somebody else in it, I like for MY MAW MAW to hold ME. I sleep with my Mommy.

I love to be held all the time . I guess that is it for now

Puddin Keket

Purred: Mon May 24, '10 8:04pm PST 
My name is Puddin BUT, I go by Pudd, I am 4 years old. I have 1 BroFur Adam and 4 SisFurs, 3 of them our MY real SisFurs. Eve is my big SisFur and Puff, Pumpkin ,Little One are my real SisFurs. Little One had to leave us after 5 days she was VERY SICK, I REALLY MISS HER.

I LOVE to pack things, I like to pack my furry mouse and furry ball and my milk ring and shoe string, the round ones not the flat ones, they don’t last too long. When I pack them I talk to them. When Mommy is feeling bad or sad I bring them to her in the bed to make her feel better.

I am also Mommies hairdresser, when she washes her hair, I am there to dry it for her, I have to do this and when Mommy won’t let me, I get upset, Mommies FUR needs to be DRY.

I LOVE to click at birds and wasps as I watch them from the window. I have never been outside, I don’t think I would like it, but I don’t know.

I LOVE everyone and I like to WHINE, Mommy LOVES it when I whine.

I don’t like to go to the VET either.

I like to play on our cat tree and I LOVE to play cards with Mommy & Maw Maw, when they play I am there, right in the middle of the cards, I like to lay on top of them.

That’s it for now.

Puff Amenti

Purred: Mon May 24, '10 8:04pm PST 
My name is Puff, I am 4 years old, I have 1 BroFur Adam and 4 SisFurs, Eve is our big SisFur and Pudd, Pumpkin and Little one are MY REAL SisFurs. Little One had to leave us after 5 days, she was VERY SICK, I REALLY MISS HER.

I like to pack things too, I pack My shoe string and furry mice and milk rings and furry ball, I like to talk to them too. Mommy says I sound like a peacock when I talk to them. I also can click at things.

I am MOMMIES BABY, I stay in her lap all the time, I get FURRY upset when there is somebody on her lap. I sleep with Mommy, when her bed isn’t full of other BABIES.

I like to play on the cat tree or sleep on it. Mommy calls Me Her DRAGON. I like to play cards too and I just LOVE to try to bite off the pencil eraser, I just LOVE THEM.

I al ALWAYS in Mommies lap when she is on that computer thing. She plays with us and takes REALLY good care of us. She is a FURRY GOOD MOMMY!

Pumpkin- Sanura

The Escapee!
Purred: Mon May 24, '10 8:05pm PST 
Hi ,
My name is Pumpkin, I am 4 years old, I have 1 BroFur Adam 4 SisFurs, Eve is my Big SisFur and I have 3 REAL SisFurs, Pudd, Puff & Little One. Little One was with us for only 5 days, she was very sick.

I LOVE to pack things too, I like to pack Furry Mice and Shoe Strings & Milk Rings & fuzzy balls. I like to take them to the WATER and DROWN them.

I can click also, I like to sit in the window and look outside and watch our raccoons eat and watch other stray kitties eat.

I LOVE to slap BroFur Adam in his face, he scares me sometimes and I slap him before he can get me.

I love to play with my 3 SisFurs, we all play together, Eve scares me too, BUT, I still LOVE THEM.

I stay in Mommies lap also, if Puff isn’t there before Me, we take turns, when one gets down another one of us will jump on her lap.

Little One- (Love You- 9/24/05)

Mommy's ANGEL !
Purred: Mon May 24, '10 8:05pm PST 
My name is Little One, I was here for only 5 days, My Mommy & Maw Maw tried so FURRY hard to save me. But, I was just too weak and sick and I had to leave them.

Mommy never did give me a real name, because she didn’t know what I was. She thought maybe a boy , since the other 3 were girls, but now I think she thinks I was a girl too, 4 BEAUTIFUL ORANGE GIRLS.

I was so FURRY little, she called me Little One. When I left, Mommy cried and cried over me. She made me a little coffin and she went and buried me and had a funeral for me, she said some nice things and read some poems, then she told me good bye. Mommy comes and talks to me and tells me what is going on.

little angel little angel little angel little angel little angel


It\'s crazy- being me
Purred: Wed May 26, '10 10:42am PST 
it is so very nice to meet you all. So glad you stopped by to share some about yourself. Sounds like your mommy has her hands full LOL.wave


True- Puurrrrfection
Purred: Sun Jun 6, '10 9:10am PST 
My absolute favorite thing is furry mousies! I throw them up in the air, catch them, swat them, run through the house like a maniac with them in my mouth! Then when they get under the stove or somewhere I can't reach them, I cry for my Mama to help get them out until she does. I love to take naps with Mama, I lay on her stomach or chest. I love to be brushed and get mad if Mama stops the brushing session too soon! I like to catch the morning sun rays throught he patio doors. I also have a habit of flushing Mama's litter box, giggles, so now I am off limits in the bathroom!

Hugz and purrs, Sassy

Savannah Angel

Purred: Mon Jun 7, '10 11:19pm PST 
Sounds like you are a blast to be around Sassy. My fav nap spot is in the big window in the front of our house, that is where I can get the most sun. I also like furry mousies...kitty

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