A 'Multiple Cat Household' Problem.....any help?


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Hi...!! Hallo....!! I am Tambolina and am part of a Multiple Cat Household.........

Let me explain my problem.......I used to be part of a four cat household and my Grandad Conrad was top cat and kept us all in line (me, Auntie Miss Lillie and my sibling, Colin) but mainly with just the power of his personality......however, Grandad went to the Summerlands last August, leaving the management of the household in the paws of my brother, Colin......Colin has always been a wimp (let's face it), but since the Grandad has gone Colin is getting grumpier and grumpier and has started lashing out at me (and occasionally at Auntie Miss Lillie)........never very seriously (because he is such a wimp) but it is getting more and more often and the Meouwmy is worried that he will drive me away......

How does the Meowumy stop him? She shouts at him (as if he were a doggett) and says 'NO'....but she does not know if this is the best thing to do or not......what should she do? There must be others of you out there who have had the same problem......help?


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Hi Tambolina! My mom doesn't have that problem with us but her sister's kitties are like that. They have a love/hate relationship and when Moufasa was sick he left Midnight alone and didn't care. Now that he's feeling better, he's back to his old tricks of really being mean to her. My mom gave her sister a spray bottle and now whenever he gets nasty, she puts it on stream and gives him just a couple of good squirts to distract him and show him he needs to stop. It's working so far! Just have your mom be careful obviously not to spray in the eyes but sometimes when we misbehave badly and are wrecking the house, mom will use it on us and it does get the point across! hail I hope this helps.


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With 18 inside cats we have problems off and on. Just like any family. My brofur Zeeke likes to pick on me, alot of the time. We have tried the squirt bottle (works on some of the others, but not Zeekie) We have tried putting him in jail. (We borrowed a large dog crate from Auntie Brandy. He was only in it for a few days, with littler pan and water and his food and bed. That worked but we may have to get it again! Now he's picking on me and Cleo. We do like the feliway plug ins. They work most of the time, but they a a little costly. Sometimes you just have to try things. Good luck. wave


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Most of us get along most of the time. Until Luke & Leia joined the family none of us ever had much of a problem getting along. Yeah, Meowmy likes to joke that back in the early years Jasmine wouldn't let George into the bedroom, but they never really fought about it. When I came along, I tried to get on the bed too and Jasmine didn't like that and we all got booted out of the bedroom. Other than that we never really fought much. Salt & Pepper joined the family in 2004 and still no real problem. Usually baths and drying us all with the same towels (a trick Meowmy learned) made us all get along fine. Then Luke & Leia came in '06. Pepper and Leia hated each other from day 1 and they fight on and off. The bathtowel trick doesn't really work on them. Pepper used to terrorize Leia who would hide and Pepper would trap her there to the extent that she would pee where she was instead of trying to get to the litterbox. As Leia grew up, she fights back, and sometimes is the instigator as well. Other times, they have been known to hide in the same place (under the bed) and even sleep near each other.

Mom gets the feliway diffuser and over time their squabbles have lessened, but she thinks they'll never really stop.