Who has outdoor cat enclosures?


Purred: Wed Mar 3, '10 2:57pm PST 
Does any large cat family have an outdoor cat enclosure? I am in the process of building one and would love to see some of your enclosures and maybe get a few ideas.wave


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Purred: Thu Mar 4, '10 1:19am PST 
We dont have one yet, but our mommy has been thinking about it. Good luck on building yours! you can see pics of them if you search online. kitty


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Purred: Mon Mar 8, '10 8:51am PST 
Not our PurrFamily because our Mama only lets us go outside on the upstairs balcony kittykittykittykitty She does not want us really outside hug


Purred: Tue Aug 17, '10 1:52pm PST 
We used to have a screened porch at our old house, but not anymore. Meowmy and Daddy have been thinking about how/where to add a screened section to the house that we would then be allowed back on, but so far, nothing has happened. Lately, they've been watching Housecat Housecall and a couple of those showed small little cat-only outdoor enclosures and their mulling that idea now too. Would love to see what you do. Keep us posted!


Purred: Thu Oct 7, '10 9:01am PST 
Yes, we have a cat enclosure in our backyard. It's a 10 x 6 dog kennel, we added a chain link top to it. We have a cat tree, a corner climber, a planter of cat nip and a storage bench. The bench has a cut out we made to put our litter pan in. But most of the time we just go explore in it. You can see pictures of it on my page and on my brofur Francis page. One day we hope to add on to it! Hope you enjoy your enclosure.

Love, Kibbles & Francis wavewave