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Paisan's Meowmie told Meowmie why she had to give up her kitties. There was just no place fur them to go. Her will be ex-husband kept two of them Raven and Eva. Mew is not sure why when she said that he complained about them but maybe it was more about how many there were. She was staying with her Meowmie who was trying to get approved fur a loan to renovate her house and the appraiser said the kitties would have to go. She begged her will be ex-husband to let her move back in and keep them there until she could get them placed. She found a no kill sancutary in Long Beach, CA. The kitties will be able to live out their lives there if they are not adopted. It is 75 dollars per cat to place them there. She choose with great difficulty Buddy, Dylan, Livvie and Missy to go first. She is trying to save up money to take Sasha (who didn't feel well at the first round) and Whiskers. She is keeping Paisan and Chase and hopes to keep Heidi. While the kitties will be safe it is of course furry hard to let them go. I wish I had a magic lamp to make a wish and make it all better. But at least I can and we can all purr that nothing else happens and that if Sasha and Whiskers and possibly Heidi must leave that she will be able to get them in this safe place.


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It is hard indeed, Miss Daisy's to have to make these kind of choices. Daddy wishes that he too could reach out his hand and make everything wonderful and good again for them. If only he had the facility.little angel

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Sad, sad story cry Hard times for your Mommy cry


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My PurrFamily's and Mama's and my purrayers are with you huumans and with all you Purrs hughug

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All our purrs go out to these kitties, and our hopes for each of them to go to a very nice forever home.----The TBears hug