Prayers For My Sisters, Sasha And Tasha

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Purred: Sat Feb 13, '10 2:40am PST 
We need some prayers, please for my sisters, Sasha and Tasha. They are older kitties; almost 15 and they are not doing very well. They both have lumps on them as older kitties will get and they are getting very frail. Sasha won't eat and is just lying around and drinking water from time to time. Daddy and Mommy are taking them to the vet on Monday morning, but they will most likely have to be helped to the bridge on that day. Daddy and Mommy are heartbroken and cry all the time. We don't really understand , but we know something is wrong. They have had many long happy years with us, but my parents won't let them suffer just to keep them, it's not right. Any prayers you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all, my friends and may God bless you all. Reanan

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Purred: Sun Feb 14, '10 12:26am PST 
We are here. The Purr Pawsee is prepared to meet them, thought they hope they won't have to yet. Uncle Kevin knows he can call Meowmie if he needs too.

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Oh no, not Sasha and Tasha. Mommi is very upset and distressed about this, as are all the Thunderbear's, especially Tasha's beloved Joe and Sasha's beloved Kittyman. We will be purring very hard. Yall's know you can call our Mommi any time. We are very worried.....hug


Purred: Sun Feb 14, '10 4:16am PST 
Thank you all for your love and support. It really means a lot to all of us. Sasha isn't eating, but she does drink water and she went to the litter box. She is tired and very lethargic. Daddy is hoping against hope that it may be an infection that could be treated with antibiotics. Tasha has diarrhea after she eats and sometimes gas, but she is alert although a little tottery sometimes. Daddy and Mommy will see what the vet says on Monday morning, but if they can only be made to linger as they are with no improvement in their quality of life then they will cross the bridge and be with all of their sisters and friends. We pray that there is something that can be done for them as they are much loved and would be so very missed in Daddy and Mommy's lives. Thank you all again for your loving and caring. Reanan, sisters and Daddy Kevin and Mommy Kelly


Purred: Tue Feb 16, '10 2:43am PST 
cheercheercheercheercheerWe are so happy to report that Sasha and Tasha are safe at home. cheercheercheercheercheer The tumors they have are called mammary tumors and the Doctor said that they are usually slow to grow. He said that if they don't get real big in the next month or two that there's a good chance that they might be benign. Sasha's was slightly infected and she has an upper respiratory infection. He gave her a strong antibiotic shot that will last about a week. She has eaten a little and is breathing better; her lips and tongue were blue at one point from not enough oxygen. Mommy wrapped her in a towel and smacked her on the back to get her fighting and moving around and she blew a lot of green stuff out of her little nose when she started sneezing. Daddy says she saved her life by doing that. Tasha got a steroid shot to help her with the diarrhea she was having after eating. Since she is a Manx and doesn't have a tail which helps control their bowel movements the shot should help her some and generally make her feel better; she may need one once a month. Daddy and Mommy were so thankful that they did not have to cross to the bridge yet, the doctor said that they looked good for their age. Daddy knows that he can't have them forever, but Mommy and him will take any precious time with them that they can get as long as they are doing well and have a quality of life. Thank you all for your prayers and love, p-mails and caring. You are the best friends anyone could ever have. God bless you all. little angel

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cheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercloud 9cheercheercheercheercheercheercheer

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Reanan, PurrSisters, Daddy Kevin, and Mommy Kelly, our purrayers are with you all hug


Purred: Sat Feb 20, '10 2:33am PST 
Thank you, everyone. All the prayers sure helped a lot. Sasha is getting better every day and resting and sleeping real good. And Tasha's poos are getting a little better too. Thank you all so much for your loving and caring.little angel


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Wonderful paw news partypartypartyparty

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Sounds like Platelicker's got a secret weapon. smile

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