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Hello, I wanted to introduce my self and my two younger (sometimes annoying) younger siblings. I have been the only cat for two years and then the grusome twosome arrived at my house. I enjoy playing with my new sister but i don't really care for my new brother. We are getting ready to move so it will be interesting. Have any of u moved? do U have any hints for us? Mommy wants to make it as smooth a transition as possible. THanks for the help in advance and We are looking forward to meeting everyone!


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Welcome Ms. Bella wave
Our Mama sees over a 10 cat inside PurrCatFamily applause

Most of us moved from the country into Tyler and Mama took 1 or 2 of us at a time and always in a carrier. She would sit with us and let us wander around. Mama does not let any of us go outside.

Although, after she acquired, Sir Stupid Platelicker, he fell off of the upstairs balcony 3 times! She had to take him to the vet each time because he fell into the shrubbery and had sticks and leaves in his side. big laugh

You never want to let Purrs outside before 2 weeks after you move. kitty It gives Purrs a chance to learn their surroundings with smells and such. kitty
Mama says no one should let their cat outside in town. Dangerous!

Hope all goes well with the move, Pittbutton wave

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Thank you for your reply, we live in the country and are moving to an even more rural part of a town near by. We will be surrounded by something called cows. i have lived around horses, but this will be the first time we will see cows, but we will have lots of ground to play in. Someone told mom to but butter on our noses because it wipes or smeller clean so we get used to the new house smell as home, she has never heard that before and she told me she wasn't sure if that would work. any thoughts on that?

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Bella, wave Nope. I told Mama about the butter and she said "uh-uh" shock
Butter is for my fine morning biscuits I make for Mama big grin
Just tell your Meowmy to keep you inside for at least 2 weeks smile
By that time, you will get familiar with new home smells naturally big grin
Better safe than sorry hug

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thanks for checking, my mommy thought it might not work! i past it on to her. cheer


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You are very welcome Bella and your Meowmy big grin
Anytime wave signed by Pittbutton kitty and Platelicker kitty