New SUNDAY REPORT --It is Mommi's Birthday

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Purred: Thu Feb 4, '10 3:48am PST 
You know...........we should have a famous place like they have in California where we could put our pawprints in

Felix - In Loving- Memory

Felix the Lap- Cat
Purred: Thu Feb 4, '10 6:28pm PST 
Happy belated Birthday, Mama T-Bear! Sounds like you had a nice one! Lots of cool stuff and a cake, too! Mom and I wish you many more.

This week has been cold and wet for us. We had a lot of rain last night and this morning, and it made me really wild - running back and forth in the apartment yowling and driving Mom nuts! Mom has been sick with a cold or some "crud" this week and took some time off work. I've been taking good care of her as always. She's feeling better now.

Oh, and Mom got a new car last weekend! She says it's a Honda CRV, and I'll get to ride in it soon, when we visit Grandma later this month. She thinks I'll like it better than her last car. I'll let y'all know how that goes. shock

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Purred: Fri Feb 5, '10 2:44am PST 
Oh, yes Felix. There's nothing better than having a kitty taking care of you when you're a little under the weather.little angel And a new car sounds great.............long as you don't have to get out and push.eek

Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

Purred: Tue Feb 9, '10 5:09am PST 
Well, Mommi has had something called edema of her legs and they got swollen so she had to get medicines and put her legs up all the time and not get on the computer so her legs wouldn't hang down.thinking She is to return to thd doctor the 16th.Our weather is frizzly snowy stuff of not much
accumulation. So far.confused That is about it for us.big grin
Angel Pie Joe Thunderbear the Great

Platelicker - ♥- DB#69

Platelicker- Prowlin's
Purred: Tue Feb 9, '10 7:30am PST 
Angel Pie- Joe- Thunderbear wave I hope your Meowmy gets well real soon. kitty
East Texas weather has been cold and windy lately. kitty
We inside Purrs have to pile up hug


Purred: Wed Feb 10, '10 2:37am PST 
Tell your Mommy that we all said to feel better real soon.little angel And there's nothing warmer than a bunch of purrs all sleeping together. It's 16 degrees here and they say we could get from 3 to 5 inches of snow by Thursday and the winds could gust to 40 mph today. Brrrrsmile

Violett, In- Loving- Memory

The First True- Battlecat
Purred: Fri Feb 12, '10 1:32am PST 
Yesterday Mommi found out she has got congestive heart failure, but her Grandma had it for 30 years and lived to be 94! Mommy must *quit smoking*shhshock. See what happens when one smokes? Anyway, she is taking her medicines and wearing these tight stockings up to her knees, to keep the swellling down. Thanks for yalls' well-wishes.
Vi & Them

Daisy Mae- Sunday Times

Duchess of Boxes
Purred: Sun Feb 14, '10 12:38am PST 
Mewr meowmie must be held together with duct tape or something.

Violett, In- Loving- Memory

The First True- Battlecat
Purred: Sun Feb 14, '10 1:53am PST 
Daisy Mae, that's about the size of it.thinking


Purred: Sun Feb 14, '10 3:55am PST 
Oh,Lord. Keep your Mommy safe and keep her sitting still. She's dangerous. But seriously, you guys take care of your Mommy and get her well real soon.little angel

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