New SUNDAY REPORT --It is Mommi's Birthday

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Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

Purred: Mon Feb 1, '10 2:57am PST 
shock Yes it's true. She now qualifies as ancient.
Anyways, she got the following gifts: A Sapphire ring the size of Rhode Island, a Jade ring of similar size, a vintage wedding gown and reception dress, a fur (faux) coat that is beautiful, and a tea light holder, red in color with red candles, some gel pens (jell pens? Jello pens? Anyway she cannot wait to try them!) a small notebook, some of that new white out stuff that comes in a special dispenser to erase mistakes, and we can't remember what else. Oh, and a cake. partyparty partypartypartyhappy dancehappy dancedancingdancing little angellittle angellittle angellittle angel.In other gnus, we believe Angela will be moving out today or tomorrow, but her stalker is still after her, as we have heard thru the catnip patch. eek Oh! Mommi forgot to mention she got a Hello Kitty watch, the watch part spanning the entire part of her wrist. She collects Hello Kitty thingsred facesmile
shock Well, it's true. She loves them and doesn't care who knows it. Speaking of hoarding (thinking). Mommi got rid of roughly 1/2 to 2/3 of her shoes, not counting the ones in the bottom of the closet. (laugh out loud)
In the weather, we got a big snow a day or so ago, and it has been cold. I think there will be a new storm system coming this way from the west. What in the sam hill have yous guys been doing in yous's neck of the woods?
Joe Thunder the Great
PS: Opie Thunderbear is a heavenly noodlehead---oh, how we miss him and Violett!cryThe sorrow will strike Mommi out of nowhere in the middle of the day.....
PSS: Everyone write back (please) about anything and everything!

Itty Bitty- ~PAWS~

Itty Bitty - Nascar Kitty #2
Purred: Mon Feb 1, '10 7:55am PST 
Happy Happy Birthday!!! Been very cold here in northeastern NY and Meowma has been very remiss about writing anything MOL! We are all still around and my sisfur, Daisy Mae Too is now married and they eloped and all last week and it's been very quiet on the homefront MOL! We all just wanted to say Hi and Happy Birthday and hope effuryone is having a good day!


Itty and crew

Platelicker - ♥- DB#69

Platelicker- Prowlin's
Purred: Mon Feb 1, '10 8:43am PST 
Happy "Ancient" Birthday to your Mommi, Angel Pie- Joe- Thunderbear cheer
Maybe I shoulda took that "ancient" part out thinking
Cooler weather in Tyler, East Texas, but still very nice. big grin


Purred: Tue Feb 2, '10 3:24am PST 
Shucks!! Sorry we missed your Mommy's birthday. Sounds like she made out like one of them Mexican bandits. We have no idea what that meant.......anyways. Them gel pens are great, Daddy loves to use them even though his writing skills seem to have really bad since he just uses the keyboard most of the time. Or it could be that he just watched too many reruns of Marcus Welby M.D. as a child. A few days ago we got about six or seven inches of snow, but it a powdery snow as opposed to the heavy wet variety. And it finally warmed back up, well kinda to the upper 30's and low 40's. Better than the 7 degrees we had the other morning.Well, I'd better close for now, hope you all have a wonderful week. This is Reanan, your Dorothy Kilgallen of the east coast reminding everyone..............if a pickle is just a worried cucumber.......then sauerkraut is just cabbage that never

Violett, In- Loving- Memory

The First True- Battlecat
Purred: Tue Feb 2, '10 4:29am PST 
Mommi says that being a kraut herself (and descending from a long line of krauts) that the above remark is----highly hlarious!shockbig laughbig laughbig laugh It seems as though, according to her, er, ancient-type memory, that saurkraut vas ein staple at every meal. And don't forget the saurkraut dumplings, which are really easy to make, and to watch floating about in the the saurkraut pot!confused Ach mein himmel!
Was ist lost mit der wienerschnitzel! Aufwedersehen for now,
Frauline Violett das Battle Katzen

Violett, In- Loving- Memory

The First True- Battlecat
Purred: Tue Feb 2, '10 4:33am PST 
why are the our posts being cut short at the end?
Mommi meant to say "the above remark was hilarious"
and that it is fun to watch the dumplings floating about in
the sauerkraut opto! (hmpsch*!
I believe we shall contact HQ!


Speed Racer
Purred: Tue Feb 2, '10 10:03am PST 
Happy belated birhday to Mommi T-Bear. Wow! She got a cake and lots of stuff! My mommie was in Kansas on her birthday (It was the day before Mommi T-Bear's but she didn't even get a cake frown) and it snowed! She is not used to snow as it doesn't usually snow here in S. Texas and she wanted to make a snowman but the snow wouldn't pack! It was too light and fluffy, so she just shoveled the driveway for her stepdad and went in for hot chocolate. Mommie is home now and I'm sticking to her like glue so she won't go out anymore and leave me with the petsitter. shock

Daisy Mae- Sunday Times

Duchess of Boxes
Purred: Tue Feb 2, '10 9:23pm PST 
Happy belated birthday to Auntie. Meowmie's been a little lax about the internet. HMMPH. We're watching Dirty Jobs tonight cos the main job is at a buisness in Moss Landing. It's way cool cos this dude makes custom concrete creations like counters and tubs and stuffies and uses real fossils and stuff in them. Well the counters anyway. And colors too. Meowmie loved Hello Kitty too.


Purred: Wed Feb 3, '10 2:09am PST 
Hi, Miss Daisy's. smilewave Wow........that concrete stuffies sounds real cool. Hmm......and fossils, huh?thinking Maybe you can look real close at them and see if they might be some of Daddy's toes.big laughbig laughbig laugh


Sweet Angel- Huggs
Purred: Wed Feb 3, '10 5:30pm PST 
Or... Mama's pinkie toenails big laughbig laugh

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