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Opie Thunderbear here, ace reporter. Please read the following --it is true, and these sort of things "don't happen to everyone else".
Well, it has been quite exciting in a bad way around here....the maniac who tried to kill Angela, the girl who is living with us and very ill with liver disease, actually came over to our house! He bonded out of jail somehow (250,000$ but you only have to pay 10%. His mama got him out. ) He is being charged with 13 other felonies, but the biggie is attempted 1st degree murder with a deadly weapon!shock He came over here 20 minutes after Mommi and Auntie Ro got her away from him with a detailed and scary escape. He pounded on our door and Mommi dialed 911., and hollered (while dialing, mind you, "Get off my porch you crazy son of a -----, m-----f---....well, you get the picture---she went into cussing -sailor mode!). The cops came and found him on foot only a couple blocks away, arrested him, found the knife on him (he had held it to Angela's throat and said, "I'll kill you, b----," but he didn't, only beat her till her shoulder is broken.) He confessed to holding the knife on her throat (!), and got charged with first degreee attempted murder, but now HE'S OUT!!eek. Last night he called and Mommi answered the phone and he said, "Paybacks are real bad, you know ", and LAUGHED!eek. Of course now the whole household is terrified. Angela also had an expartee done. So if he contacts her, me, or anyone, she reports it.kitty
We have two dogs (ours and Angie's) to alert us. The other night the guy came over and knocked on the door and prowled around outside the house. Last night Mommmi called the police for extra patrols to be conducted in our area.confused
Everyone, do you not agree that the man should have not been issued a bond? Now he is stalking the whole family! We are not sure what will happen next----if you have dogs, it is the best thing, (Mommi read this) against crime. Izzy kept barking last night on Ro's bed, and throwing herself at the window!shock And the cops can't do anything unless something else happens....naughty
In other gnus, it will be cloudy and around 50 today.
What's going on in yall's neck of the woods?
O. Thunderbear, The Sunday Tattl-Rag

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That's the court system for you...............keep on letting them back out again and again. I can't say how Daddy would solve this problem as small eyes may read this, but trust me, it would be taken care of. Just tell your Mommy to keep her guard up and keep calling the police if you need to.............or go to your local newspaper and or tv news and tell them, perhaps they would be interested in the story and talking to the police about the matter.way to go

In the local weather, it's been raining ca..............well, it's been raining pretty good for the last day and half the night, but now it's about gone and it's gonna' turn colder and maybe some snow showers.shock Well I'd better close for now so this is Reanan your Dorothy Kilgallen of the east coast reminding you.............if you see a banana peel on the floor there's probably a monkey sneaking out your back door.smileconfusedshocksmile