2010 Winter Carnival ... An Olympic Year!!

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Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Sat Feb 20, '10 4:38pm PST 
Colorado and Napoleon, you look determined in your bobsled. I think you finished your run in record-breaking time!
But Napoleon! Your ski jumping! You're sooooooooo high! *covers eyes* shock


Furiendship is- Furever
Purred: Sun Feb 21, '10 8:46am PST 
*spins around and waves at Athena and Apollo*

Oh yes.... we love the Winter Carnival, thanks fur letting us know about it! our fur-friends Humphrey and Roger entered last year, I think they went over to the slopes to watch the skiing and snowboarding!


Be happy and- keep a purr in- your heart!
Purred: Sun Feb 21, '10 8:50am PST 
*rings a cowbell and cheers the bobsled team on*

We love that mew are representing Canada *shrugs* our humans rolled their sled last night over a mistake one of them made.... but, we know you'll have much better luck!

Go Colorado and Napoleon... Go!!!!

Apollo (In- Memory)

Love Ya !

Purred: Sun Feb 21, '10 4:50pm PST 
That bobsled/luge/skelton venue looks awfully scary. The American team was almost out of control Friday night, but recovered. I heard some of the athletes are afraid. They shouldn't build the turns so sharp; maybe that would help?

Anyway, our Catsters know how to make the run! cheercheer


Be happy and- keep a purr in- your heart!
Purred: Mon Feb 22, '10 8:24am PST 
*nods* Yes, the track was built too fast and unfurtunately it took a tragic accident fur the officials to discover this.

They reworked the ice surface to slow speeds, but we agree, furry dangerous and scary!


Be happy and- keep a purr in- your heart!
Purred: Mon Feb 22, '10 3:55pm PST 
... oh! gotta go, everyfur athlete is lining up for the Cross Country 10k!

See mew at the finish line!

Colorado *In- Loving- Memory*

Mr. Coon
Purred: Wed Feb 24, '10 9:04am PST 
Thanks Athena, and Ariel for your supportive comments. Ariel, your living so close to the action my mum is wondering if your mum went to any of the events? Jojo, your ice dancing rivals that of Canada's young gold pairs! Appolo, we tend to agree with you about the how the course was made--it went beyond safe challenging. Oh I luv this group!dancingdancingdancing

Napoleon *- In Loving- Memory *

Zippy the Wonder- Dog!
Purred: Wed Feb 24, '10 9:05am PST 
I just luv flying high. It's the landings that concern me.laugh out loudhamster dancehamster dancehamster dance


Daze of Colors
Purred: Wed Feb 24, '10 9:25am PST 
Oh Colorado cheer and Napoleon cheer
You both look so athletic and manlykittykitty
I shall give each of you a good luck Texas Kiss kissing kissing

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Thu Feb 25, '10 9:36pm PST 
I'm glad everycat is enjoying themselves.

Only Friday, Saturday and Sunday left. cheer
Wish the games could go on and on ...... big grinhappy dance

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