Furty Livers, Gallbladders & Pancreatitis

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Minxy- (1987-2008)

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Purred: Fri Nov 20, '09 11:47pm PST 
Bobcat pointed out that there wasn't a thread for liver disease so I'm creating this one. I also included gallbladder issues and pancreatitis as they often occur together.

If you have questions or any advice about causes, symptoms, treatments and food post them here!

Angel Purrs

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Bobcat - Fluffy Angel- 4/19/11

Handsome and- then some
Purred: Sat Nov 21, '09 4:36am PST 
Thanks, Minxy! My liver enzymes are elevated. Tests ruled out pancreatitis. My kidney levels have been elevated for a while so I'm on a special kidney diet which helps and my thyroid is on the high end of normal. I've been vomiting about once a week. The vet put me on Flagyll for a week, but that didn't help my liver - the number was actually a little higher than last week. Momma needs to talk to the vet today and see what our options are. She doesn't want to put me through a liver biopsy unless it's absolutely necessary.

Minxy- (1987-2008)

Queen of the- Rainbow Bridge
Purred: Sat Nov 21, '09 10:14am PST 
Did the vet check your weight? If you've lost weight recently that can put pressure on your liver because as the fat get used up the waste products from that have to be processed by your liver. In cats anything more than a gragual weight lost of approx 1 ounce a week can cause problems and elevated liver enzymes.

If you have been losing weight you could focus on that with your vet and see if any meds for your kidney disease could be adjusted. Check specifically for low bicarbinate level or high phosphorus levels in your blood test as both of those can cause a feeling of nausea and your vet can give you meds to help normalise those levels. They can also give you anti nausea meds like pepcid or an appetite stimulant like cyproheptadine. Also make sure you like you kidney food and are eating enough - I liked the Purine NF but not some of the others.

I hope this gave you some good ideas that your mum can discuss with the vet. I'm going to hand it over to Freckles now as she's also got some info.

Freckles- (1993-2011)

My beautiful old- lady!
Purred: Sat Nov 21, '09 10:46am PST 
I had elevated liver enzymes earlier in the year and so did one of my sisters. We never discovered for sure what the cause was but spoke to our vet who went through the options. Our levels were not super high and we didn't get any jaundice but here were things that the vet suggested.

Liver enzymes get elevated if anything damages the liver. This can include poisons (which can include some household things we'll cover later), liver illnesses like hepatitis, gall stones/pancreatitis that also affect the liver as things get inflamed or backed up, weight loss, cancer or physical injury like a fall.

Depending on which of the blood test liver numbers are elevated in your blood test, how high they are and your history and any other symptoms the vet and your mum should be able to narrow down that list.

"Poisons" can include houseplants (especially anything in the lilly family) and also some cleaning products (our vet asked especially about if we use Febreze which she'd seen problems with before). So think about if there is anything new that you've done/used that your mum should ask the vet about.

Mum got 2 of our other sisters tested to make sure it wasn't our cat food that was causing problems but they were OK. She had used Febreze a couple of times so she tossed that just in case.

The vet gave us Denamarin which helps protect liver cells from damage and helps liver repair. You have to make sure your don't crush or break the pills even if you put them in a gel cap. The pills have a protective coating and if that gets broken they will cause GI issues. Mum checked with our vet and broke up the pill to put it in my gel cap with my other meds and it gave me an ulcer and my poop turned black and my BUN went up eek We swapped back to taking it whole and I was fine then.

One good thing about the liver is that if your problem is caused by a one time damage (injury, weight loss, poison etc) the liver is one organ that can heal itself and grow back. In human liver transplants a family member can donate half their liver and in the donor and patient it will grow back to 2 full livers.

Hope this gives you info to help figure out what's happened and to ask your vet when you see them, Purrs Freckles & Minxy

Bobcat - Fluffy Angel- 4/19/11

Handsome and- then some
Purred: Sun Nov 22, '09 7:14pm PST 
Thanks, Freckles and Minxy. I have been losing weight, but I think it's been gradual. I was never overweight, but now I'm down to 9 pounds.

The vet is off until Tuesday, so Momma will call him then.

Regis- (1992-2010)

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Purred: Wed Mar 17, '10 10:23pm PST 
We are on week two of being on a feeding tube because of fatty liver disease. Not any closer to finding out why Regis stopped eating in the first place.
He was showing interest in eating again and I was weaning him off of the feedings, but now he's gone back to just grazing again! Our vet wants him to have 300kcals a day...that is alot of food but when he doesn't get near that mark he loses weight.
He is still not purring (since November) and we've seen 3 vets that can't tell us why & have never heard of such a thing.
I think he may be grieving the loss of our dog, Maddie. He stopped purring shortly after she was diagnosed with cancer and then stopped eating after the chemo quit working and we had to put her down. Maybe I am reaching.
It's heartbreaking that I may be losing another beloved one so soon.
But is it fair to keep putting him through all of the tests and force feeding him? How long do I keep the feeding tube in?
Sorry just needed to put this out there...I am having a rough night. We'll be going in this week for follow up blood work and to have the tube checked.

Flower - Purrecious- Angel

Flowie The- Warrior Queen!- (Thanks, Bugsy
Purred: Thu Mar 18, '10 3:54pm PST 
Only you really KNOW your kitty and can understand his needs. Look closely at his quality of life without comparing it to what it was like when his sibling was still with you. Regis could have many reasons why he stopped purring and then stopped eating, but what you must do is protect the quality of the life he is living now.
I would be doing just the same as you are right now....I don't think it is reaching...it's just trying to figure out what is going on and what to do next. Me and my furrmily are still purring for Regis and for this vet visit to turn up something positive fur him and fur YOU! Many warm furry hugs to you and yours....

Freckles- (1993-2011)

My beautiful old- lady!
Purred: Thu Mar 18, '10 6:10pm PST 
Purrcy had a serious bout of fatty liver disease and is now getting back to normal. I'll pmail him as I bet he has some good advice for you, Purrs Freckles

~Purrcy ~- Meohmy

Purred: Thu Mar 18, '10 7:00pm PST 
Regis -I have sent you a pmail. Do you have a baby scale? Mumma weighed me every day and kept a written record of my weight. The weight will fluctuate somewhat, but with the hi-cal diet(I got hills max-cal), you should start to see a slow upward trend. It can take months to start to feel better, so don't give up hope! Please feel free to contact me any time!
Your purring pal~

Regis- (1992-2010)

forever my heart
Purred: Thu Mar 18, '10 9:18pm PST 
Thank you for your kind words and thoughts!

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