MONDAY REPORT by Opie Thunderbear

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Opie- T-bear--In- Loving- Memory

Lord Opie the- Elegant
Purred: Mon Nov 16, '09 4:26am PST 
Opie the T. here, reporter on high.
Well, it's Monday. shock Yes, it's true.thinking Well, last week Mommi had half of the house cleaned by her roomers, as part of their rent (it was their idea, now). It looks beautiful! My room was re-done and rearranged (frown), but it's ok, Mommi couldnt' bear to go in my room or see it, it looks so empty). As for the REST of the house (the haunted part, and Mommi and Ro's rooms and the office), Mommi told them not to fool with it as it is a feat that is impossible until Mommi gets RID of some of her clothes and shoes!eek (which strikes her heart with fear--she is a clothes and shoes collector, i.e., a hoarder of sameeekthinking)
AND get THIS! She was going to put MY SCARVES into "the rag bag"!naughtyshockshock She changed her mind immediately---she said it hurts her to look upon them, but then decided she couldn't part with them or with the pain of missing me.cry Anyways, we had rain yesterday, but I think it will be just kinda cloudy today. Hey, what does everyone think of having a pre-Thanksgiving party, like say, next weekend?party cheercheer Well, time to sign off. What's happening in yalls corner of the world?
O. Thunderbear, the Monday Tattle-Rag


soul mate,- forever friend
Purred: Mon Nov 16, '09 5:32am PST 
Bear is sitting on a cloud with Opie,, she says, those humans never know what they want, how dare they even think of throwing out your scarfs.. shockshe looks for Violet who lands next to them, Vilot says next it will be my hats.. meowy....

Violett, In- Loving- Memory

The First True- Battlecat
Purred: Mon Nov 16, '09 3:16pm PST 
They better stay off my hats!!!naughty
Violett the Serious (hmmph) cheercheercheer


Purred: Wed Nov 18, '09 12:26am PST 
Reanan reporting from the East coast, but not quite Cloudy and warm here with a few showers. More rain to come Tonight I think. We're all patiently awaiting the day of the turkey, or Thanksgiving as our parents call it. Mommy and Daddy will be going to Grandma's for dinner and they will bring us back some goodies.........or else. smile We understand about keeping Opie's scarves, His Mommy will cherish them later as a reminder of all the fun and good times after she has had some time to heal inside. Daddy still cries sometimes about my sister, Zoey, He's getting a little misty as I'm typing actually, but he smiles more than cries at her memory. She was the best of cats as he likes to A party always sounds just grand to us. We may be in and out and it might be some odd hours of posting depending if our parents have to work or not, but we'll be there with, bells on.Well that's about it for now. So.........this is Reanan, your Dorothy Kilgallen of the East coast, but not really saying:"Got onions? Might as well have some beans.confusedshocksmile


Purred: Wed Nov 18, '09 12:35am PST 
Precious flutters silently through the air and settles beside his beloved, Violett. He takes her paw and holds it in his. I'm sorry I couldn't find you sooner my love. He gives her a gentle kiss on the cheek and puts his paw around her shoulder.Now we really do have all of eternity together, my love. They gaze out over the hill to the valley below. I love you my nordic angel............and I always will.kissing

Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

Purred: Wed Nov 18, '09 4:30am PST 
cloud 9 And I love you back, my darling. Now this really IS heaven...

Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

Purred: Wed Nov 18, '09 4:50am PST 
Reanan, when you go to your Grandma's, do you go over the hills and through the woods? My Mommi and Ro go over the hills, to Republic, Mo. Here in Springfield we are on a plateau, and one must go out a few miles to be in the hills. This year we may stay home, as they may or may not celebrate, but sometimes have homemade pizza instead of turkey. Besides, Grandpa, who decided here awhile back that he wants to be called "The Wilf" (short for Wilfred, about as German a name as you can get), may want to talk about mathematics, and Mommi just spent an hour on the phone with him studying mathematics (yes, by phone). He and Mommi got the problem wrong, and Auntie Ro came up with the answer on the first try.shockthinkingthinking. On the other hand, purrhaps we had better go, as time is moving along and they are up in years (Granpa is 81!).
Now, about this poem thing. I heard through the catnip patch that a splendiferous beautimous poem was written in Opie's honor, and I say one should be written for ME, as you never know what may happen next in life. I may jump off the day bed and break my knee.
Also, this morning I tossed two pre-hairball tossings, and Mommi ran over with a newspaper to put it under me, and, try as I might to avoid that newspaper (:^smile, and place said tossing one the NEWLY SHAMPOOED RUG, Mommi followed my face around and got it. naughty So, I ran off a few steps away, and she got me again.
Oh well, I'll get my chance. Oh, anyways, Mommi got all worried and said, "Oh my, Joe are you sick?" I should've tried limping and then I would get a treat, something I learned from Opie Thunderbear while he was on Earth. *hmph*
Loquaciously, Hmph-Cat

Violett, In- Loving- Memory

The First True- Battlecat
Purred: Wed Nov 18, '09 4:51am PST 
I think you spelled "loquaciously" wrong. naughty little angel Also, that is suPOSed to be MY picture by my note to my beloeved Precious. You, Joe Thundervear, are a sneef. I am going to run and tell Bluie on 9cloud 9cloud 9

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Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

Purred: Wed Nov 18, '09 5:15am PST 
Oh, I am trembling in my four shoes!

See, you are in heaven and you can't get----

Violett, In- Loving- Memory

The First True- Battlecat
Purred: Wed Nov 18, '09 5:17am PST 
*POW*! *BIFF*! (one for good measure---haven'nt quite learned to master these wings yet....)
cheer cheer cheer

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