Opie went to Rainbow Bridge

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Purred: Fri Oct 23, '09 2:35pm PST 
I think you alls are very brave. It doesn't surprise us that Opie sent that songbird to yous. hug


Speed Racer
Purred: Fri Oct 23, '09 2:36pm PST 
We think maybe Opie was telling the bird to tell you he was OK. Angel Miss Kitty sends our mommie a rainbow every year on her bridge day.
Annie and the Clan


Purred: Sat Oct 24, '09 2:53am PST 
I know that it is hard to believe at this moment in time, but you will get over your grief,,,,,it will take a while like it did for Daddy when our sister Zoey crossed over 17 months ago. He still misses her very much and would give so much to have her back well and healthy again, but he knows that is not possible and that she is better off and happy now. He still swears that sometimes she comes down to visit him when he is very sad though. A jump on the bed when there's nothing there or the feeling of something rubbing against his leg like she would always do. They may be gone from our physical world but they are never very far away from us in our hearts and memories.........and sometimes............sometimes not very far away from us right here. May God bless the T-Bears and their family. You will be all right in time, I promise.


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Purred: Sat Oct 24, '09 10:31am PST 
We are so sad to hear the news about Opie. Please know that our thoughts and purrayers are with you!!
Purrs, Zoey and Family

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