Flea and tick treatments


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Ok,I have a totalof 22 animals 19 cats 3 dogs.I have tried all the flea and tick meds out there..Advantage, and fontline works the best,and is in my case alot of money..18oo meds for cats/dogs is a little cheaper but not so much.My question is this...For pople like us that have alot of animals,what else works other then advantage/frontline...I do know that products like Hartzs over the counter meds(at walmat ect) can kill animals..So where can we buy other poducts that do just as good a job and also is lower in cost..nic


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I tried Petcarerx.com. They have free shipping and I got 5 follars off. Plus, they give you coupons to use towards your next purchase. Delivery was super fast too.


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I get my Advantage from drugstore.com, and I have tried Frontline, but feel it doesn't work as good as Advantage....just cost more! The usual cost through drugstore is $42.99 for over 9lbs for a 4-pack. I don't think you are going to find any cheaper than the few places mentioned already. I looked at PetCareRx and have bookmarked for future use!


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Thank you both Ill keep looking for better deals.Having more then a few cats/dogs just adds to the cost..I do like the fact that one can get 4 in a pack then the normal 3 in a pack.Thanks again.nic

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Marty I too have a lot of animals; 11 cats and one dog. I have discussed the flea/tick & heart worm control issues with my vet. The vets office can now are able to supply me with Frontline in bulk with a dosage chart and an applicator syringe... it is about $14 a month to treat all 12 of them vs the previous Revolution. (I do prefer Revolution over any of the other meds out there, but cost effectiveness forced the change) Revolution was very a expensive prescription @ $30 a month per animal, so I chose to stay with the bulk application method of flea & tick control instead.

I also asked the vet about Hartz, Zodiac and learned they can be dangerous but are much more likely to NOT contain enough pesticide nor do they last for a full 30 days.

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Our Meowmy uses Advantage and Revolution. Meowmy has 10 inside purrs. We never go outside. It is skeerie!

Meowmy orders Advantage on-line from http://www.petvetsupplies.com/ She gets the Dogs 56 to 254 lbs box. Same stuff in dog and cat Advantage. It has free shipping and arrives quickly. It has 4 pipettes for $35.50.

Meowmy orders Revolution on-line from http://www.vetshoponline.com/revolution She gets the Large Dogs 40.1 to 85 lbs (green box). She gets 3 pipettes for $40.65. She has ordered the 6 pipettes before and saved a little money. This is shipped from Australia. No prescription needed.

Meowmy only puts a tiny bit on each of us about every 3 months. Not a whole pipette. Some of us Purrs get Advantaged and some of us get Revolutioned because of ear mites. None of us like it. We run. But Meowmy always wins!

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Our vet recommends Advantage - but we dont go outside anyway so therefore no need to med Us.
I always wonder how furmilys with so many pets afford everything !! YIKES ! Those flea meds are expensive.

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Mama only orders the Advantage a couple times a year and the Revolution once a year. She uses it sparingly because one pipette is for one large dog. So the cost is not that bad. You can still get fleas in your home from people's socks if they have pets with fleas or in warm weather fleas are in the grass and dirt, so fleas can be brought in that you are unaware of. Then they get on your pets. kitty