☆ ♦ Rosette Exchange ♦ ☆


Purred: Fri Sep 25, '09 3:34am PST 
This game is simple-
Just send anykind of rosette to the pup that posted before you! party

Flannigan- McCloud

Flannigan - Crime Scene- Instigator!!
Purred: Sat Sep 26, '09 6:04pm PST 
ok, Diva, I'm sending you something fun happy dance

Tiggles- (CGC, SILIF)

Give LOVE to get- LOVE-Adopt a- Dog!
Purred: Mon Sep 28, '09 5:22pm PST 
Rosette comin' your way, Flan! wave


Purred: Sun Oct 4, '09 6:11am PST 
Rosie for Tiggles! big grin