Any Potty Suggestions


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I have trouble staying on my feet when I'm walking so you can only imagine how I do in the litterbox. I end up falling over in the big puddle I just made and get pee soaked litter stuck all over me, so mommy ends up having to stick me under the sink, and I hate that. So I end up holding my bladder all day so this doesn't happen too much. Does anybody have any suggestions or ideas to help us out? We would both appreciate itkitty


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Hi Lexi,

Many disabled cats have a hard time getting in and out of the liter box. I myself am unable to use the liter box unless someone is around to assist me. If you have a problem stepping over the lip of the liter box try using the bottom half of an old cat carrier for you liter box. Simple remove the top of the cat carrier and the door, leaving behind only the box of the carrier, and then you will have a liter box with a low lip so it will be easier for you to step in and out of it, and high walls so that you can brace yourself against them when going potty.

Another suggestion is to place pooch pads under and around your liter box. This is what I do for Moki. The pooch pads are indoor puppy training pads so they are made to go potty on. I buy the reusable ones so I can just pick them up and wash them when they get soiled. If no one is around and Moki has to go potty he will just walk over to the pooch pad lay on his side and do his business there.
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