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(I found this on onesmugpug.com. way to go )

Don't try to photograph your dog before he/she has had breakfast/dinner. A pet distracted by hunger isn't going to cooperate with you.

If you have an energetic pet, tire him/her out first. Go to the park and throw the ball for a while.
Your pet doesn't need to be exhausted just calm and relaxed.

Make sure you're well rested and have plenty of time to take many different shots. Your pet will sense your impatience and worry they have done something wrong.

Pick a day that has decent weather. It doesn't have to be sunny and 75 degrees, actually overcast days are great for picture taking. Just no rainy days. But a picture of a soaking wet pet could be a great portrait. It just depends on what kind of portrait you want.

Don't pose your pet too much. A little bit of staging is necessary but too much makes a portrait look stale and dull. Try to catch your pet in natural poses. Take candid shots of your pet doing something it does all the time, i.e., sits crooked, lays on belly with feet out back, etc. You want to capture your pet being itself.

Face your pet so that it is looking into a light source. If you have a pet with large bulging eyes (pug, chin, cats, etc.) you can briefly shine a flashlight in his/her eyes to close the pupil. You want to avoid a picture of your pet with glowing red/blue eyes. You may need to use the flashlight even if your pet's eyes aren't overly large. It is very important to get an accurate picture showing your pet's eyes. The eyes are a key element in a good portrait.

You may want to remove any collars, harnesses, or the like before you start shooting. Obviously, you would only do this if you're in an area that is safe to do so. If your pet has a very obvious collar mark I can fix the hair in your portrait so it looks perfect. Collars and harnesses can distract the eye and sometimes introduce
an unwanted color into the painting. However, if your pet wears a collar with special meaning then leave it on.

Shoot your photos at your pet's eye level. If your pet is looking up when you take a picture their ears fall back in a funny unnatural way and you loose any wrinkles or folds that make your pet look like itself. If your pet won't leave you alone when you're trying to take photos have someone distract him without exciting him too much.

Don't try to take all your photos in one day. Take your time and be patient. Plan on one or two short picture sessions in a day and plan on needing a few days to get your shots. If at any time you start to feel frustrated and nothing is going right, stop and try again later. Remember, this is supposed to be fun for you and your pet.

When you are finished shooting your photos take some time to review all your shots. Try to weed out the bad ones first, photos that are out of focus or obviously unsuitable for a portrait. Next look for photos that show your pet's eyes, coat texture, coat color the best. If you have a photo you like but your pet has red eyes you can still use that photo just provide another shot that shows a good example of your pet's eyes. You'll need to note, on a separate piece of paper, which picture is showing what. Don't write on the back of the photo itself, ink sometimes shows through. Now go back and look at the photos you have left, look for shots that are what you would say are "good photos". You can send me as many photos as you like, the more the better, but in the end only one photo will be used to represent the actual composition of the portrait.

If you have any photography tips you'd like to share, post them here. big grin

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The angle.
Shooting on Angles makes it look better and more unique.

ISO Speed, If it's a nice sunny day I'll set my ISO speed to 100. That way it's a clearer shot.

Editing, Picnik is a great place to edit pictures. I usually only play with the Exposer to make it look like the original photo.

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Rule of 3!
It works like this...
Imagine a tic-tac-toe grid was placed on your picture frame (some cameras actalluy have a grid setting). There are 4 intersections, and you want to put the main points of interest (eye, flower, etc) on those points. Sometimes you will want different and it still looks cool, but try all different ways!
Take at least 20 pics of one subject! ALLD DIFFERENT WAYS!