Friends please

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Purred: Sat Aug 22, '09 10:50am PST 
kitty Myself & my brother would love some friends! Everyone welcome happy dance


Purred: Sat Aug 22, '09 12:47pm PST 
Hi Willow!! wave Nice to meet You!! We sent You and Indy a Pal Request!!!

Edwina- (Angel Eddy)- DG#1

Big Paw
Purred: Sun Aug 23, '09 10:55am PST 
wave Just sent a Kitty Pal Request ! kitty


Boots--the farm- is my domain!
Purred: Mon Aug 24, '09 4:21am PST 
Just sent a Kitty Pal Request, too! Have a great day! dancing


Super Snuggler!
Purred: Sun Sep 6, '09 7:33pm PST 
Hi! I am new here too and would love some new buddies! big grin


Purred: Tue Sep 8, '09 11:27am PST 
Hi Tucker!!wave We sent You an Invite!!

Angel Soc- Dreamboat- #56

sir soc because- he thinks hes- the boss
Purred: Fri Sep 11, '09 1:58pm PST 
I am new here too and me and my brofurs and sisfur would love some new palscheercheercheer


This boy is- Rough and- tumble!!
Purred: Sun Oct 18, '09 2:10am PST 
Hi Tucker!! wave I sent you a Kitty pal request! Hi Soc wave I sent a Kitty pal request! way to go Have a great day!!


I'm the Looniest- Luna you'll ever- know!
Purred: Tue Dec 1, '09 9:49pm PST 
Hi! I'm new here too, and I would love to make new friends! big grin


That is mine!
Purred: Sun Dec 6, '09 10:58am PST 
I'm new here too. Kitty pal request!

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