I'm back


I need some- kitty Ritalin!
Purred: Sun Aug 2, '09 4:16pm PST 
I'm home again, and I honestly don't know what the fuss was all about. I hopped onto the block fence, found a hole in the net stuff (I guess mom didn't know about this hole, but she does now) and went to the next door neighbor's yard. I was happily resting under their shed when suddenly mom's face appeared, calling me. I didn't feel like coming out. She had food but I really wasn't hungry, so I ignored her. So much for that, I thought, until suddenly a little while later water started squirting on me over and over. I ran out from under there as fast as I could, trying to get away from the water and the neighbor lady who was watching me. I couldn't get back over the fence, so mom grabbed me up and took me home. I think I'm grounded from the backyard indefinitely.