Mr. Hershey Bears Summer School: I Spy in the Summer

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Winnie Joy- CGC

I may be pretty,- but I am all- dog!
Purred: Thu Aug 20, '09 10:14pm PST 
HI Miss Beatrix! How about a pupsicle? Could that be it?


Me LOVE you!
Purred: Wed Aug 26, '09 1:44pm PST 
Winnie!! Winnie!! *Beatrix with boxes and boxes of pupcicles!!* Winnie, you help me pass out pupcicle to little friends? Oh it happy day in Poodleville!! PUPCICLEY day!!blue dogblue dogblue dog

*Beatrix and Winnie Joy passing out pupcicles to the little hot pups right and left*

Winnie Joy- CGC

I may be pretty,- but I am all- dog!
Purred: Wed Aug 26, '09 11:31pm PST 
This is so fun, Miss B! What a great idea! Look! There are just enough for everyone, including you and me! Ahhhhh, pupsicles! Just the thing for a hot summer day!big grin


It's all about- me.
Purred: Thu Sep 3, '09 3:32pm PST 
wave Hope everyone has had a great summer ! We had record lows in mid-August. Daddy turned 50 years old and on his B-day party/BBQ...we wore coats...sat around the fire pit...had blankets on our laps...brrrr.

I spy squirrels in my tree!


If it Moves,- CHASE IT!
Purred: Fri Sep 4, '09 12:46pm PST 
Sonja your summer weather sounds just like ours. Mommy has been complaining all the time that it hasn't been warm enough..frown

If you spy the squirrels in the tree, then I will chase them. I love to chase squirrels, don't you? blue dog


To err is human,- to forgive is- canine
Purred: Sun Sep 6, '09 10:59am PST 
We don't have any squirrels near my house, but we do have birdies and I do love to chase them. big laugh

I spy with my little eye... five little wiggley things that are sticky, and Mmmm taste so good when you lick them. Hold on my little neighbor who's about 5 years old just had BBQ, and came by so I could lick those 5 little things b/c she knows how much I love too.hailcheer

Miss- Scarlett

Pick me- up...please!
Purred: Wed Sep 9, '09 11:49am PST 
Fingers and toes are fun to lickshhlaugh out loud I like to try and clean out my moms ears...or noselaugh out loud She doesn't like it and I don't understand why?

I spy tomato and zukes ready to pick in mommies garden (container gardening so everything is out of the "pee zone").


Purred: Wed Sep 9, '09 11:51am PST 
Miss Scarlett, I resemble that remark..."pee zones" are everywhere!


Bark it Loud &- Proud!
Purred: Tue Feb 9, '10 4:59pm PST 
I would love to spy the end of winter

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