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Are you new to Catster? Below are links you may find helpful. It's pretty comprehensive, but if you have a question that isn't answered here, please ask!

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers About Catster:
click here to go to CATSTER FAQS

Catster Community Guidelines - what is and isn’t acceptable on Catster:

Interested in Catster Plus? Commonly Asked Questions and Answers About Catster Plus:

How to subscribe to Catster Plus, what zealies, rosettes and Stars are. Each Catster Plus family receives 30 zealies a month to purchase rosettes and stars and the zealies do not expire if you don’t use them. Each kitty in your family can download up to 100 photos, add captions to photos and tag photos and gets 9 biofields to use for decorating pages! And you get to post in the Catster Plus Forums. big grin


Want to decorate your page? You don't need Catster Plus in order to decorate your page!

Tip: the secret to getting everything on your page is to increase the biofield height with each item you add. The default is 300. If you are only adding a background, you don't need to change the height. If you're adding music, a guestbook or other *widgets*, keep increasing the biofield until everything fits. I've had biofield heights as large as 2000! big grin

Another tip: if you want spaces between each item you add to a biofield so that the items line up nicely and don't crowd each other, add this code once or twice after each item and then leave a space:


Here are links to help get you started with decorating your page:

Catster Codes explains how to add a background, change font style, size and color, add falling objects, and how to make links in forum posts, your diaries and rosettes (this link opens on a website off Catster):
click here to go to CATSTER CODES

Want to decorate your page to the MAX? Want to do more than add a background and change your font? Want to learn how to take the frame off your page, make a center background and border, add a banner, where to go for backgrounds, music, etc.? Join the Catster Group PAWSOME PAGES! They will teach you how to do everything!
click here to go to PAWSOME PAGES



Download and store your photos, resize photos, generate links to put in codes for your pages, search for backgrounds and cute items for your pages:
click here to go to PHOTOBUCKET

Decorate your photos:

click here to go to IMIKIMI

click here to go to BLINGEE

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