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Faith- *Bridge- Angel*

I'm the queen of- my domain
Purred: Fri Aug 26, '11 4:25am PST 
Hi everyone...I should make more of an effort to be here especially since some of you have experienced more recent loses. I get to see your names on facebook, but not here in OF.

Molly's wings are beautiful. I still find it very hard to type for Faith...I usually only do it when we need to give support to someone leaving for the bridge or when we need to offer support. So that's why I'm using Faith here and not Spirit.

Everyone's time table is different. Losing Faith so suddenly was very hard for us. Last year when I watched her videos, I cried my eyes out. This year, I smiled more and more. She had such a personality.

I do have guilt about Spirit. She isn't all there either. AS much as we try to give her a lot of love, she only takes it in small doses. She will be affectionate and then in a second, scratch at us. I have learned to see the signs so I pet and hold her for a few minutes and then step away calmly. She doesn't let us really groom her and I hate that. She needs to be brushed but it really seems to traumatize her frown I can do a little bit but it's not enough. So, now I have to take her to be groomed, shaved. She has a few mats, she won't let me brush or cut off. She has her sweet moments though...I love it when she meows for me to come over cloud 9

Sarah (Spirit and Faiths mom)

Annie- Angelpants

Her Princessness
Purred: Sat Aug 27, '11 8:32pm PST 
Sarah, Alex has become less affection-seeking too. I think that's the biggest bummer for me (and you too with Spirit, I'm guessing)...he was my little cuddler. I don't know if any of you with the mentally-declining/declined furts feel this way, but I keep thinking that I lost my Annie (really) over a year and a half ago...but it was so gradual that I didn't realize it until this past spring when I glanced at an old picture of her & it dawned on me that I hadn't seen that sassy girl in a long time.

Misha Angel

Misha Mouse- snuggle muffin
Purred: Wed Aug 15, '12 6:57am PST 
Every time I get flowers,when they start to fade,I place them on the graves of Misha and Molly,and the places my horses were put down when they were too sick to go on. The last death was in February. My beautiful colt,who I adopted when he was a 1 month old orphan.Despite having vet care from his first day here, he never developed right neurologically. He fell daily and could not get up on his own. Finally, at 650 # my husband and I could no longer help him up. He was having pain and oh the frustration of not being able to run and buck without falling and then being stuck on the ground until two of us could help him up. The last 3 months were awful but I kept hoping with meds and supplements he could grow out of it. He never did. The bigger he got the worse it was. Lori, just like Dougal, Jasper got a raw deal. I set one of my birthday roses in the spot where I had my beautiful,silly,smart,loved colt that could not control his legs put down. I cried ,still am. Who knows how long it will take for me this time. It has been 6 months and this is the first time I have been able to even write about him.

Tabby- 06/02/01- 08/20/12

I wish I was a- only cat
Purred: Wed Aug 22, '12 12:23pm PST 
Hello! My name is Millisa I have 2 cats here in this group one has been part of the group for awhile and he had to be let go yr ago this past Sunday his name is Boo Boo and Tabby join this group not to long ago she has been having health issues for awhile I guess a little after she turned 11 Thought it allergic reaction to chicken and beef and that she had a intestinal issue. That wasn't it ended up being cancer like Boo Boo but different. She wasn't doing so good and I had to let her go Monday!! I can't get past it because I have substituted all my cats as my children since my husband I really can't have any. My mom also passed in this month last yr also on the 28th! So this Month is really horrible for me! I have added smiley faces to the calendar on my nephew, my niece and, my 2 Siamese X Girls birthdays to try to draw attention away from the sad faces I drew on the calendar on the sad days!! shrugrainbow

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Thomas - brave- angel&hearts- ;

Mild-mannered- ninja.
Purred: Wed Aug 22, '12 10:10pm PST 
Millisa I'm so sorry about your recent loss of Tabby and the other losses it's bringing to mind. hug It does seem like one passing stirs up memories of all the other losses we've undergone, especially when there's some other link like the time of year or a similar disease progression. It can be terribly overwhelming to live with those sad thoughts, and even harder to put them in words. My heart goes out to you.

And Debbie ... I'm sorry about your boy Jasper. These sick animals fight so gamely, and it's heartbreaking to feel their bodies have betrayed them from the start. The paradox, or the lesson to us, is that they don't feel that betrayal, don't know that they're unhealthy or that things "should be" different for them. They just keep on trying, keep on seeking the most from each day. Their weaknesses and handicaps break our hearts, but they rarely break an animal's spirit. Jasper no doubt thought he had a good life with you ... and even though you wanted so much more for him, on his terms, he did. I hope writing about him helped clear some of your thoughts. And I do love what you do with your flowers.

I confess I feel that my own words are inadequate ... I'm having one of my "voiceless" times, when I feel muted by sadness. But I'm glad both of you were able to voice some of your own thoughts.


Misha Angel

Misha Mouse- snuggle muffin
Purred: Tue Oct 2, '12 3:04pm PST 
Purring for you Lori. I think you seem to always know what to say.
As an interesting note about Jasper. For a month after he passed, every time I would sit down to meditate,as soon as I would lower my eyes I would vividly see Jasper running across a sunset filled sky. Just running and running with joy and no impediments. This visualization just appeared on its own. It was a joy to see as he could never have run like that on Earth. Bless his soul.

PixieBelle- angel- ♥

pampered- princess
Purred: Fri Jan 31, '14 10:08pm PST 
Thread is archived here.

Please bookmark it if you'll need it after 3/2/14. Love to all. hug

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