The DOG FOOD TEST & General Dog Food Info

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Purred: Mon Mar 30, '09 5:06pm PST 
Thanks for all the good info. Tessablue dog

♥Soph- ie Claire- CGC

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Purred: Thu Apr 9, '09 7:48am PST 
OK, momma wants to know how many of you furs use Merrick canned dog food. Are you happy with it or not and why.

Thanks Sophie Claire


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Purred: Thu Apr 9, '09 9:30am PST 
A bunch of us use the Merrick canned food.

I can only use the Before Grain line (black label), I am a grain free pup. We order staight from the Merrick people because we joined to club to get 10% off each order. All US domestic orders ship for free. The grain free canned foods are great! It is the best canned green tripe we can find. We also respect the regular line of products with all the fun names. It looks and smells like real people foods. One of our pals was not interested in any food at all until she tried some Merrick on top of her kibble. Emma and Zoey, Fitz and Tessa, and Sunni's pack all eat some Merrick products that I know of for sure....If you go to the Merrick website, they have a video of their factory on the home page.

♥Soph- ie Claire- CGC

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Purred: Thu Apr 9, '09 10:07am PST 
Thanks Shelby, mom gonna order some of dat canned food to top off our .kibble that she wets down.

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Purred: Thu Apr 9, '09 1:18pm PST 
I tried to find the article, but it's already packed...Merrick canned food was rated as one of the best and as a superior dog food in the wet category by The Whole Dog Journal in 2009.

I use the Before Grain wet as a topper, and mom refills my kongs and marrow bones, tosses in the freezer for an excellent treat.

Abby NPC ~- CGC, TDI

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Purred: Thu Apr 9, '09 1:45pm PST 
I just happen to have that article in front of me Shelby. The top wet foods as reported by The Whole Dog Journal are...
Artemis Fresh Mix - Made by Evangers
Beowulf Back to Basics Perfection - Made by Evangers
By Nature Organics - Made by Evanger
By Nature Naturals - Made by Menu Foods (?)
Breeders Choice AvoDerm Batural/Advanced Pet Diets Select Choice and Pinnacle Holistic - Made by American Nutrition Inc
Canidae All Life States and Platinum - Made by Evangers and Simmons Pet Foods
Canine Caviar - Made by Performance Pet Products
Diamond Pet Products Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul - Made by American Nutrition
Castor & Pollux Pet Works Organix Organic and Natural Ultramix - Made by Menu Foods (?)
Dick Van Pattens Natural Balance Ultra premium and Limited Ingredient Diets - Made by American Nutrition
Dogswell Happy Hips and Vitality - Made by Menu Foods (?)
Dr's Foster and Smith Adult and Country Classic - Made by Menu Foods (?)
Eagle Pack Holistic Select - Made by Menu Foods (?)
Fromm Four Star Nutritionals - Made by Performance Pet Products
Evangers Premium Gold, Hand Packed Specialties, Game Meats, 100% Meat Classic and Complete Classic Dinners - Made by Evangers
Life4K9 - Made by Evangers
Merrick - All types - Made by Merrick
Natura Pet Products California Naturals, Evo and Innova - Made by Menu Foods (?)
Natures Variety Instint Grain-Free, Honestyle and Prairie - Made by Menu Foods (?)
Natural Pet Nutrition Pet Promise - Made by Nestle on a line solely devoted to Pet Promise products (?)
Petcurean Go! Natural - Made by Menu Foods (?)
Peton Distribution Performatrin Ultra - Made by Menu Foods (?)
Verus Pet Foods VeRus - Made by Merrick
Solid Gold All Lines - Made by Simmons Pet Foods
Wellness Natural All Lines - Made by Menu Foods (?), American Nutrition, and Simmons
Weruva International Weruva Kobe and Kurobuta and HumanStyle- Made by Evangers except for HumanStyle which is made at an undisclosed location in Thailand

That's the complete list. I just have to add that I LOVE The WDJ and very much enjoy reading it every month. HOWEVER - I have to question the judgement of picking foods that are produced by Menu Foods. If you all remember correctly - Menu Foods was a HUGE contributor to the 2007 Pet Food Recall.

Maybe things have changed there, but my personal opinion stands.


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Purred: Thu Apr 9, '09 1:52pm PST 
I cannot remember, but it was some foods from Menu? Maybe they had so much trouble that they are being extra careful...shrug

Shadow NPC,- MDM

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Purred: Thu Apr 9, '09 1:57pm PST 
Yeap - if I remember correctly MOST of the foods were manufactured by Menu. You may be aboslutely correct that they are being extra careful, I just find it hard to have any trust in them at this time. Please don't I said I love the WDJ and am thankful to Sunni and her clan every month when I get it, but I just have a hard time with bouncing back after my trust is broken I guess.
What you feed is a very personal decision and I don't want to cause any harm by stating by opinions. On the other hand, I do feel that it is important to keep things like the Pet Food Recall in mind. That is the main reason that I mentioned it.way to go


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Purred: Fri Apr 10, '09 5:20am PST 
We are the same way at our house, Abby...we are selective with which companies we support with our hard earned $ as a matter of principle. It is one of the reasons we like the Merrick company. I wish I could eat all their fun name products, but have a sensitive tummer...


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Eagle Pack's site says their food is made by their family-founded plants, maybe they get their ingredients from Menu? This is so confusing!frown

We liked Food Toppers for a while to top our food with, but stopped using it, 'cause can't Ma figure if it's economical (Ma is very mathmatically challenged). Didn't like the Pot Pie, few vegetables and they didn't re-hydrate well. We really liked the beef and chicken, though!!!

Online advert:
Complete Natural Nutrition Real Food Toppers - 4 ounces (120 morsels/bag)
Price starting at: $15.95

Choose Flavor: Pure Beef SirloinPure Chicken BreastPure Beef LiverPure Wild SalmonFish N ChipsHolidayCountry Pot Pie

Product Number: 42283
Dogs and cats are meat eaters, not grain eaters. Our pet’s metabolism is weakened by treats full of grains and empty calories.
Real Food Toppers are premium selections of pure meats that are gently freeze dried to lock in valuable nutrients and freshness. All our ingredients are produced for human consumption and sourced in the USA.

Feed as a treat straight from the bag or feed as a gourmet topper on regular food to enhance mealtime. Either way, Real Food Toppers respects the evolutionary needs of dogs and cats with a ‘guilt-free’ treat they were designed to eat and enjoy.



TASTE: Finicky eaters love the real flavor.

HYPOALLERGENIC: Ideal for pets with allergies & food sensitivities.

CONVENIENCE: Pre-cut freeze dried morsels require no refrigeration. Take the bag anywhere.

HEALTHY: 100% digestible meat loaded with natural active enzymes, vitamins, minerals and low in sodium.

Each 4 ounce bag contains 120 morsels - that means up to 60 servings. Available in beef, salmon, chicken, liver, fish 'n chips, holiday, country pot pie and all american. Please specify flavor.

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