I Can't Hear You! (Deafness)

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Jazz - At the- Bridge

Hey! You, with- the opposable- thumbs...
Purred: Thu Jul 23, '09 9:00am PST 
I have always pretended to be deaf, from time to time, usually when the humans were telling me to stop doing something that amused me. Lately though, I do believe that I am having some real hearing loss. Sometimes I don't hear them come into the room or walk up behind me. It is a little embarrassing to be surprised by someone sneaking up like that. On the bright side, I can enjoy my naps undisturbed much more easily.

LOLA ~ Our- Good Girl,- forever

I came, I- purred, I- conquered...
Purred: Thu Jul 23, '09 8:46pm PST 
I still have very good hearing -- Mom tries to sneak by me when I'm napping, but she can't!

I like your attitude, Jazz -- that's how an Olde Furt thinks! Anything that improves the napping can't be all bad, can it? way to go

As long as our parents look out for us and we're not outdoor cats, losing our hearing shouldn't have much effect on our quality of life.

Alaidh - my little- angel

The only real- cat is a grey- cat!
Purred: Thu Jul 23, '09 9:39pm PST 
Alaidh was quite deaf in her later years - which my Deaf friends thought was great! - so it always amazes me how good Abbie's hearing is! I have a necklace she loves. I let her chase it or bat at it from time to time. She can hear when I take it off, even if she's on the other side of the apartment! And it's not a small place.

Sammie never lost her hearing. She could hear me taking the Suran wrap off her chicken from a mile away!

Biscuit- (Angel)

Guardian- Angel~23.8 Years- of Love
Purred: Fri Jul 24, '09 9:14am PST 
I was never sick, was on no meds, and ate regular ol catfood. I did however go slowly deaf in my last years. It didn't affect my life except I meowed a little louder (I couldn't hear myself, mol).
Not bad for almost 24 wink


LOLA ~ Our- Good Girl,- forever

I came, I- purred, I- conquered...
Purred: Tue Sep 29, '09 10:08pm PST 
bump - for housekeeping. snoopy

PixieBelle- angel- ♥

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