Why Are You Thankful?

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Sir Simon- Storm

Silent purrrs of- total- contentment.
Purred: Mon Nov 3, '08 6:43am PST 
I thought it would be nice with Thanksgiving coming soon, if we would each tell the group why we are thankful. I will start.......

I, Sir Simon Storm, am most thankful for the humom that loves and cares for me. You see when I was a tiny kitten, I was thrown away, along with my four littermates. We were about two weeks old when we were put into a box and thrown from a car into a snow-filled yard.

We would have died in a matter of hours except for the girl who lived in the house attached to that yard saw the box get tossed out of the car. She went to investigate and found 5 tiny kittens inside the box and brought us into her nice warm house and fed us and kept us all alive which is no small miracle.

This young girl was in High School so she told her friends about us and what had happened. She said, that she could only keep one kitten. That left four of us who needed furefur homes.

Well, Mama Sam had been sad over Gizmo, who had gone to Rainbow Bridge and was considering another kitty..... hudaughter was in High School....... Are you starting to get the picture?

Hudaughter and Mama Sam thought a meow in the house sounded like a good idea but hudad was not so keen about getting another kitty..... so the ladies conspired against him...... well, not really, they just didn't tell him. Hudaughter just brought me home and kept me in her bedroom. I was still pretty small and quiet.....but inquisitive....... bet you can guess what that means.

Hudad was watching TV when I escaped and came wander into his territory..... OPPS.... guess I blew it. I climbed up beside him and we made friends right away.... good move on my part, right?

Mama Sam was away visiting her mom when I did this, so hudaughter was left to face hudad regarding my presence..... oh dear!

Well when hudaughter came home from school and saw her bedroom door ajar, she knew what had happened and was worried about what was going to happen...... hudad is a big softie though.

When he confronted hudaughter about my presnece..... she told him that I was for Mama Sam..... nice move kid. Hudad knows he is wasting oxygen when he tries to talk Mama Sam out of a kitty. hehehe

Well this brings us to why I am thankful.
First because the school girl found me and my littermates and kept us from freezing and starving.
Second because hudaughter brought me home to Mama Sam.
Third because Mama Sam loves and spoils me.
Fourth because hudad didn't make me leave.
Fifth because I have plenty of food, lots of toys, and more love than you can imagine.

OKAY>>>>now tell your own Thankfulness Story!

Silent Purrrrrrrrrrrr (my purrrrs are always silent btw),

Sir Simon Storm


-iTs aLl AbOuT- ME!!!-
Purred: Mon Nov 3, '08 7:15am PST 
I was a stray in a mall parking lot and then a boy , about 14 , or 15 at the time called Bernie took me home. He couldn't keep me bc he had a very aggresive dashund , pinina , so he kept me outside in the nieghborhood and fed me. Then mommy came along , very disapointed cause she couldn't have the dog her parents had promised (they didnt want dogs in an apartment) and she met me and it was love at first sight At first , all the neighborhood kids took care of me , but then it was just mommy and auntie (her sister) and then I got pregnant. I had the kitties on a rainy night at mommys house (I still didnt sleep inside , but spent most of my time there) and grandma and grandpa instead of throwing me out into the storm allowed me to keep them there and fed them , and gave us a place to be , and then when they were old enough , gave my kitties away and got me spayed. They decided to keep me , but it was very hard cause I would be very naughy in the house , once went to the bathroom on mommys bed , and stuff like that and grandma was in dispar and nearly threw me out. An once I bit her pretty bad too. But with time , she came to love me , and I learned to behave so then I became an official part of the family and mommy says I will be with them for the rest of my life smile so this is what I m thankful for:
I am thankfull for bernie who took me home initially and fed me instead of leaving me in the parking lot
Mommy for finding me and taking care of me and convinicing her parents to buy food for me , allow me into the house , etc
Grandma and grandpa for allowing me to have my litter at their house , and not out in the rain and for taking such good care of my babies and me
My family for being responsable and getting me spayed so I wouldnt have litters the rest of my life
Grandma for not giving up and kicking me out even when I was at my worst behavior
My grandparents for allowing my mommy to keep me
For all the love and attention and care I recive with my family. smile

DeXter DuFF- Goldman

If it- moves--Grab it!
Purred: Mon Nov 3, '08 7:42am PST 
I am just a little guy & haven't had much time to accumulate a lot of expurriences.

I DO HAVE a big BLESSING, though.

I am so thankful that my mama rescued me from wandering the street. She brought me to her house & fed me and loved me and attempted to find me a fur-efurr home.

GREAT MEWS!!! Daddy & Mama fell in love wif me and took me off all the adoption lists and THIS is my fur efurr home!

It's the BEST HOME in all the world and I am thankful to be here.

Also, I am thankful to have found Shades of Gray. This is a wonderpurr place for a kitty to make fur-riends!



I am one hot- mama!
Purred: Mon Nov 3, '08 3:48pm PST 
I am thankful that I have a new furever family along with my two kits. I was a street cat trapped by the humane society. When they took me in to get spayed - I ended up giving birth. I was so small they didn't realize I was pregnant.

A family called looking just for a mom cat with a boy and girl kitten, and there I was. I joined my new furever home July 2nd with my kittens. We are very spoiled and I finally can trust again.

Monster- Marvin- Muffin Face

Monsters have- feelings too!!
Purred: Mon Nov 3, '08 3:48pm PST 
Hi mew 'all!
What a great idea.
I am thankful for my pawrents
and Catster/Dogster, because we make
pawsome friends here- and it makes
the world A BETTER PLACE, for all of
us furbies!!
Peace! ~MMMF~ xoxokitty

Liberty aka- Libby

Daddy's little- ninja girl!
Purred: Mon Nov 3, '08 3:49pm PST 
I am thankful to be with my mom, Lucy and my brudder Tommy in our new furever home.


feed me feed me- feed me feed me
Purred: Mon Nov 3, '08 4:32pm PST 
I guess I am most thankful for Catherine who found me at a local college. She could not keep me but took me to the vet for a check up. Then I was in foster care.

My meowmie adopted me from foster care to save me from going to the pound. That woman's husband does not like cats. And I was about to get the boot.

Three years later I am running things around here. I am in charge and I love it!

I am thankful I have a good home and a meowmie who loves me so much. And for Catster and Dogster and all our friends.


There's a new- princess in the- house!
Purred: Tue Nov 4, '08 10:11am PST 
cloud 9I am thankful that my meowmie was looking for another girl kitty to have at home so the numbers could be even with two boy kitties and two girl kitties. So they took me into my furever home and it only took about a week and a half for the others to get used to me.........I'm thankful for that too!!

Purrrrrs ~ Chloe

Sir Simon- Storm

Silent purrrs of- total- contentment.
Purred: Tue Nov 4, '08 9:31pm PST 
Sounds like all of us have a lot to be thankful for. I bet there are lots more thankful stories to be told so come on in and tell us about yours.

Silent Thankful purrs,
Sir Simon

Buster ** In- Loving- Memory**

I'm comfy - what's the big- deal?
Purred: Wed Nov 5, '08 10:56am PST 
I was not a rescue cat like some of you, but I am very thankful to have a meowny & daddy that love me very much & treat me like the royalty that I am - lol.

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