Hi Evfurryfur!


The sky is- crying yet I- see no one
Purred: Sun Nov 2, '08 11:28pm PST 
Hi evfurryfur - I just joined this group - it sounds like the PERFECT group for me! snoopy I get in trouble ALOT, but my mommy still gives me bellyrubs and loves, so that means she still loves me! (she says she does and always will) We are naturally a troublemaking furramily, as we are ALWAYS, ALWAYS getting out - digging out. I'm usually mostly the one who digs out - momma calls me her little escape artist (which I ammmm.. I'm a Trouble Maker Chickie! neee-heeee.. nnyay nyaayyy...) I like being an excellent guard dog, which I totally am as well, my momma loves me so much. I'm so lucky to have her as my pawrent, and clearly she thinks she is lucky to have me as a pet, too! dogpuppy I let NO ONE come near my pen or my house, the cats we have, if they ever get out, are usually smart enough to not get in. Misty once got out - but that's a whole different story. I now have THREE cats to take care of, FOUR humans and two other dogs. Sheesh - what's a girl gotta do to get some PEACE here? cheer I love my momma - I'm a medium sized total CUDDLEBUG and I'll do anything for belly rubs. I get treats OFTEN and so do my other furramily memfurs.

I hate dressing up (oh that's so stupid) and getting in the car. I adore belly rubs and like I said above, will do ANYTHING TO ACHIEVE PETS. Bellyrubs or not - I'm half guard dog and half CUDDLE BUG. Which is strange, right? I'm very protective of my furramily and will NOT let ANYONE get near them - we team up against anyone who comes near our house - whether it's children (oopsie!), grownups, other animals or---just anything. My daughfur is part coyote - so we're an unique furramily. My furless furramily loves us all the same. snoopyway to gopartypartywisheshughughug