Can we purr for baby Lillix?

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Purred: Sun Nov 2, '08 7:40pm PST 
Baby Lillix is very seriously ill and needs all the purrs she can get. The story is lengthy and is posted in her brother Pumpkin's diary.

Pumpkin's page

Lillix' page

Thanks everyone!!!

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cheer Baby Lillix has been to the vet this morning. It turns out she has a very bad inner ear infection, not something neurological. Please purr for baby Lillix to feel better soon. Thanks you guys!!!!


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*Add his purr to the group*
Get well soonhug

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My furramily and I are all purring for baby Lillix. Please get well soon! We are purring and purraying hard for you!

Buddy, please keep us all up to date on how Lillix is doing!!!!


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Hope Lillix is doing alright. we'll keep her in our prayers.

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We will be pawraying for Baby Lillix!

Little Foot, Furby, Sam, Sugar,Cocoa, Gracie and Angels Mikey, Minnie and


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The HB5 kitties are purrin for baby Lillix!! hug hug hug

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Paws are crossed for you baby