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Thank you for this group being there for my Mom. She just signed us up here on Catster and has been looking for groups for us to join. She found a really bad group called Democatsconfused. I know it was bad because she said some words that I have never heard out of her mouth beforeshock. But now I know she has found a good one because she is smiling now. cloud 9 My Mom has been very happy lately because of someone they call Sarah Palin, before that my Mom said she didn't have a choice this year.
I am glad when my Mom is happy now because she has cried a whole lot since my best friend Josie went to the Rainbow Bridge on August 1st. I am sad too, cuz he was the only friend I had since I was 6 weeks old. He was 2 then, and 6 when he died. I miss him so much. He had a cruel disease that took him away very quick. It is called FIP, Feline Infectious Peritonitis. You can look at Josie's page if you want to learn more about one of the best cat in the world.
Thank you and Go McCain/Palin!cheer

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Hello Sulley!!! Welcome to the Catservatives!!!! happy dance

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Hi Sulley! We're so glad your mom found our group. My mom felt the same way about not having a choice on election day, but with Sarah Palin on the ticket she feels much better about voting for McCain.

Sorry about your friend Josie. We lost our sisfur Rose back in April to a number of problems related to old age, with cancer as well. We still miss her very much.

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So sorry for your loss. Now you don't have so feel so lonesome because we're all Catservatives and have lost friends too along the way.
The way everyone is so pumped up about Sarah should probably put a bit of a smile on your face if not a little pep in your step.cheer
I was kind of at loose ends because I wasn't too sold on McCain but since Sarah the barracuda has joined the race--snoopy dancing
Hope we can bring some comfort to you and yours.