scooter- used to scoot on- the floor
Purred: Sun Aug 10, '08 5:59pm PST 
thank you so much for the invite new to this site and already i love it! lets all be friends!big grin

Dusty RIP- 1999-2016

1999 - 2016 RIP sweet- Dusty
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wavewavewave Hey Scooter

Yea, we have lots of fun here!! Welcome to the group!!!

Headbonks and lots of purrrrs


Taillee *ILM*

Pet meeeee!!!!!
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Hiyas!! Welcome to the shady side of Catster... hehehe...


Cuddling is what- I do best
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Hey Scooter, we just started a picture contest so check it out on our main messages (whisper posted about it.) Also check out our fun forums we have a game of tag that was going for a long time that was very fun!!!


-iTs aLl AbOuT- ME!!!-
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Yay! I am new too and I love this group! BTW, Dusty , mommy says we look like twins! And I also have a kitty friend (in real life) named Tigger who is a tabby! She's not on catater though. Anyway , cheers for a great group!

Dusty RIP- 1999-2016

1999 - 2016 RIP sweet- Dusty
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wavewave Hey Michis

we are two good looking grey beauties MOL