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Scooter ~- Our Angel

It's all about- 'The Scootster'
Purred: Fri Jul 25, '08 6:06pm PST 
I have a skinny butt, as another skinny-butted Olde Furt -- ♥ Bear ♥ -- recently pointed out to me. I know a lot of you other Olde Furts have skinny butts, too. ♥ Bear ♥ suggested a "club," so here it is!

Come on -- join the club, right here! Let's talk about our skinny butts!

It's a serious issue, though, as you probably all know. Along with the skinny butt comes weakness and wobbliness in the hind quarters.

What problems do you have? Do you do anything about it? Is there anything that can be done?

Tigger- McGrumpypant- s ('95-'10)

This is my house- - you will do as I- say.
Purred: Fri Jul 25, '08 6:21pm PST 
Can I join if I am in recovery from skinny butt syndrome (SBS)? My butt got super-skinny (that is a different group, SSBS) when I dropped down to 8 pounds from my histoplasmosis. My rear end was gaunt!

Thankfully I have gained weight back (I am up past 11 now, thank catness.), so I have more junk in my trunk.


Hey, can we change the OF theme music to "My baby got back?"

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Alaidh - my little- angel

The only real- cat is a grey- cat!
Purred: Fri Jul 25, '08 8:23pm PST 
happy dance♫I like skinny butts and I can not lie
You other kitties can't deny...♫happy dance

My name is Alaidh and I've got a skinny butt.

Mummy's noticed that I don't stand up on my back two legs to see stuff anymore - I mean with my two front paws on whatever it is I'm looking over. She figures I just don't have enough strength in my back legs anymore.

I did, however, almost jump out of the bathtub last night when I got a bath!! I had poop all over my face Oops! I was very good in the tub, so Mummy let her guard down...heh heh heh...that was all part of my plan. She was too quick for me, though.

Anyway, Mummy would like to know if there was anything that could be done because she certainly doesn't want to see me go to the Rainbow Bridge just because my back legs are wobbly!!

Scooter ~- Our Angel

It's all about- 'The Scootster'
Purred: Fri Jul 25, '08 9:02pm PST 
Sure, Tigger, you can join as a recovering Skinny Butt.

My name is Scooter and I have a skinny butt. shock

Mom worries about my wobbly back legs, too, Alaidh. Sometimes I stagger and walk kind of sideways. I'm teetery and likely to fall over when I try to scratch an ear. A couple days ago, I was standing next to mom and my back legs just gave out under me. I sat right down on my butt! Boom!!

At other times, I still run and play. I can still jump up onto a chair or sofa, and sometimes the bed, but I usually study it carefully before I jump.

My last vet said I had "atrophy." frown I've only been to my present vet two times, and Mom hasn't asked her about it yet. I take Cosequin (glucosamine) for stiffness but I don't think that helps "skinny butt."

Flower - Purrecious- Angel

Flowie The- Warrior Queen!- (Thanks, Bugsy
Purred: Sat Jul 26, '08 3:42am PST 
Hi! My name is Flowie and I have a skinny butt. I had posted in another thread earlier when this subject came up, so I will post what I had to say right here also!

Alaidh and Scootie.....have either one of you ever had an MRI or xray of your **ahem** hindparts? When we get older, our muscles kinda shrink alot and since our hind ends are the powerhouse of the body, it's the first part to be really noticeable. It's a part of nature that isn't reversible, but sometimes can be treated with the right nutrients. Maybe ask a holistic vet for information?

My "little hinie", as Momma calls it, is getting thinner and narrower now too. I don't get up as easily and don't run too much. I still trot fast though and I don't have any pain. Momma is looking into holistic possibilities to keep me from having pain issues or loss of control.

I love you all!
Flowie cheer

Scooter ~- Our Angel

It's all about- 'The Scootster'
Purred: Sun Jul 27, '08 12:06pm PST 
Flowie, I haven't had an MRI but I just had 2 "full-body" x-rays done at the vet last month. I didn't much care for that! The vet was looking for other things, so when she discussed the x-rays with Mom, she didn't say anything about my hind-parts.

I'm supposed to have more x-rays of at least my lungs for comparison, so Mom will certainly ask what the full-body x-rays showed about my skinny butt.

Arnold P.- Sweetie Boy- Forever

Purred: Sun Jul 27, '08 1:56pm PST 
*sneaks in to the Club*

*Wolf whistles at Scootie and Flowie and Alaidh's skinny butts*

*runs out again*

(Atrophy means wasting of the muscles and would explain the wobbliness and the weakness and the sitting down suddenly.)

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Tigger- McGrumpypant- s ('95-'10)

This is my house- - you will do as I- say.
Purred: Sun Jul 27, '08 4:52pm PST 
*looks towards his less skinny butt and decides that he must be too "full-figured" these days for Arn*


Alex (The- Angel)

Alex has left- the building
Purred: Sun Jul 27, '08 5:55pm PST 
Hi, My name is Alex and I have an OLDE and skinny butt. I think my butt started to get skinny about 4 years ago when I was first diagnosed with CRF. That may have been just after my tail stopped working. It just kind of hangs there now, not alot of movement in that tail of mine.

I definitely have muscle wasting, as most of us Olde Furts do. My vet recently had my Moms switch me to EVO canned food. It is 95% real meat and has higher protein than most canned foods. I know, I know, CRF means you should eat more carbs, less protein. Well, I have been living a long long time with CRF and since I am so olde, my Moms and my vet agree I can eat whatever I want. The EVO is putting some weight on me!!! My fur looks better and I am filling out a bit! I'll post photos soon.

Great idea for a group!!!

xo, Alex

Icebox- (Rainbow- Bridge)

Principles ...- Values ...- Common Sense
Purred: Sun Jul 27, '08 9:08pm PST 
Whaaaa? Sounds like an AA meeting in here shock

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