Scooter's secret romances

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Coco (aka- Emma Peel)- 1997-2015

Homeland- Security
Purred: Tue Jul 22, '08 2:56pm PST 
*pretends to be fly on the wall*
little angel

Raymond- Maxpower- Nelson Festa

Sleeky Shrimp
Purred: Tue Jul 22, '08 3:35pm PST 
I'm fascinated! Please, continue!

Amber - A Beloved- Angel

Live every day- like it's your- last
Purred: Tue Jul 22, '08 3:36pm PST 
BOL!!!!!!!!! Miss Scootie Patootie is so pretty I am sure she has a secret romance goingdogdog

Truman (Feb.- 1993-March- 2012)

Cereal Monogamy
Purred: Tue Jul 22, '08 4:12pm PST 
Amber! You are sooooo cute!!

OMC! I may have a crush on a dog!shockshockshock

Alex (The- Angel)

Alex has left- the building
Purred: Tue Jul 22, '08 5:08pm PST 
I have a man-crush on Elsa's doggie brother Teddy Tortuga. Plus I love his name!

Elsa! McGregor! You need to invite your brother to join!


Poms Twirl!
Purred: Wed Jul 23, '08 6:17am PST 
I am here Alex! Thanks for wanting me.

Now, let's hear about Miss Scootie's romancessnoopysnoopy

Sofia- Sosultry

Sultry Miss
Purred: Wed Jul 23, '08 6:20am PST 
Don't butt in on my territory, Teddy! Scootie is MY Aunt. I study every detail of Scootie because I want to be ex-act-ly like her.

First on the list: colored lenses: I want plumbago blue eyes like Scooter.

Truman (Feb.- 1993-March- 2012)

Cereal Monogamy
Purred: Wed Jul 23, '08 6:33am PST 
You are a very pretty girl just the way you are.
Too bad I am too olde for you!frown

Scooter ~- Our Angel

It's all about- 'The Scootster'
Purred: Wed Jul 23, '08 7:55am PST 
Oh, my! There are some interesting, uh... budding romances going on here. laugh out loud

wave Waves to Mouse, Sofia, Teddy, Alex, Amber (Good Luck in your contest!!), Raymond, bad girl Coco, Icy, Apache, and keepers-of-secrets, Arnold and Selket. wave

psssst! Icy, whisper your secret to me first, okay? big grin

Gypsy Simone- - A Special- Angel

Small Dogs Rule
Purred: Wed Jul 23, '08 8:26am PST 
Hi Teddy! How is China doing?

Oh Miss Scootie we are sure those men are just falling at your feet!

(Wishes she could have drop dead gorgeous blue eyes)

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