What kind of disability do you have???

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Louise- Brooks

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Purred: Mon Aug 31, '09 9:21am PST 
I have only three legs, as a result of an accident of some kind while I still lived outdoors. But I'm coping well! And, as a result of the accident, I ended up living inside, which is especially good in the winter.


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Purred: Mon Aug 31, '09 9:42pm PST 
What kind of symptoms does Moki have? I also have some kind of neurological disorder but my mommy unfortunately doesn't have the money to take me to a specialist, eventhough she wishes she could. But I can tell she loves me with all her heart.
I have trouble walking, everyone says I look drunk when I walk. I fall over after a few steps, but I just struggled back to my feet, but I do it. I also have spasms when I'm sleeping, and when I say spasms, I really mean it. I can kick so hard that I wake mommy up (and she's a deep sleeper). Sometimes when I have my spasms in my sleep I lose control of my bladder (this makes my daddy very mad, but mommy calms him down). So mommy just tries to put me on a waterproof pad whenever she can.
I can't jump anymore, but I'll climb my way up the bed if I have to, but usually mommy helps me. I wasn't born this way, I've had about three "episodes" that I can't walk at all or even want to eat, drink or pee/poop. After each episode I've gotten a little worse. After my first episode I completely bounced back but after the second and third I was never the same. I'm still a happy kitty though. Mommy pampers me.

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