Simba's Diary

MauMau-Rainb- ow Bridge

Mau, the Most- Wonderful Meezer
Purred: Tue Jul 1, '08 7:01am PST 
Mom just got done reading the whole of Simba's diary and she's sobbing still! She cried pretty hard at times and laughed and had perfect pictures in her mind of little Sim and her antics. It took this long for Mom to go through Simba's entire page and diary because it hurt so much to someone in the pain of loss like Sim and her Mommy. There's nothing in the world quite like the relationship between a kitty and a human....Sim and her Mommy's love is perfect proof of that. I and my Mommy had a special love, too....but I had to leave for the Bridge long before 20 years. Momma is kind of jealous because of that, but the time we did have was wonderful and full of joy. Part of my Mommy died with me and I have her here with me just like Simba has her Shadow Mommy. We treasure our lifelong loves, don't we? Right now, while Mommy holds my sisfur, Whisper on her lap while typing, she is reminded of ALL the special kitties in her life, past and present and so very grateful for all of the experience. Love can be painful, but the whole of the emotion and it's accompanying treasure is well worth the agony in the end. I love my Mommy and Simba loves hers and both of them will rejoin us eventually, I know. I wonders and mystery of the universe are before us, so who can say exactly WHAT we should expect for the future? Loving purrs to you, Simba and all of our Catster furriends. Headbonks and kitty kisses to all of our loving humans who make our lives the perfect place to be.