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Cuddling is what- I do best
Purred: Tue Jun 24, '08 4:43am PST 
So I thought it would be neat for every cat to be able to explain how they got their names.

I will start with mine. My name is Dash and my pawrents told me that when I was little I used to Dash around the house all the time. I used to get into everything when I was a kitten. But They said I looked egyptian like so they wanted to give me an egyptian name but instead they noticed me running from one side of the house to other all crazy all the time. So they named me Dash.


Its tough to be- so handsome
Purred: Tue Jun 24, '08 4:46am PST 
Oh how fun!!! I got my name Whisper because when I was a kitten I meowed very softly and most of the time still do. So one day my mom thought of Whisper but thought no thats no good. So dad and mom were sitting in the living room one day and I came up to dad and meowed and dad said its like I Whisper. So mom said I just had to have the name Whisper. Because dad and mom thought it fit me real well.


Purred: Tue Jun 24, '08 4:50am PST 
I got my name because I was a stray cat and I was hanging out at a lawn maintenance company. My mom was going to keep me at the office so she wanted to name me with a name from Lawn Maintenance so I got the name Daisy. But then my mom ended up taking me home, but that is how I got my name.


Girls Just Wanna- Have Fun
Purred: Tue Jun 24, '08 4:39pm PST 
Hi everykitty! wave

I am named after Phoebe on the tv show Friends. I seemed a little ditzy when I was a kitten and it reminded Mama of that character.

I'm sure I've outgrown the ditziness by now.....laugh out loud

Felix - In Loving- Memory

Felix the Lap- Cat
Purred: Tue Jun 24, '08 5:19pm PST 
As you might guess, I'm named after the cartoon character Felix The Cat. That was a favorite cartoon of Mom's when she was little. Also, "Felix" is the Latin word for "happy," and it fits my affectionate, laid-back personality.


Purring Girl
Purred: Tue Jun 24, '08 5:20pm PST 
I don't really have a reason why I was named Maggie, other than Daddy liked the name (and he has an aunt with my name)



I'm a needy boy!
Purred: Tue Jun 24, '08 5:30pm PST 
When Momma & Daddy found out that I didn't get to go to the home I was supposed to and they decided to give me my furrever home (since they thought Maggie needed a playmate), they wanted to name me Rudy after their furriend's doggie. You see, he was a little dog who was taken by a coyote. Momma & Daddy wanted to honor him so they asked their furriends if they could name me Rudy. You guessed it, they said yes! big grin

happy dancehappy dancehappy dance

Daisey Mae,- In Loving- Memory

Diamonds are a- Girl's best- friend
Purred: Tue Jun 24, '08 5:55pm PST 
Since I'm a Southern Belle, Mom wanted to give me a southern name and double names are common in the south. So Mom named me Daisey Mae, a sweet southern name for a sweet southern girl

Mr. Fez- (Angel- Dreamboat- #25)

Hippie Kitty
Purred: Tue Jun 24, '08 8:09pm PST 
Mom named me Fez after her favorite character on "That 70's Show". My vet added the Mr. and it stuck.


Wild Child
Purred: Tue Jun 24, '08 9:32pm PST 
I was born under Mom's bed, and when My human sister saw me, she said I looked more like a baby squirrel than a baby kitty, so the name Squirrel stuck. Silly human sister hurt my feelings, I was a pretty baby.

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