Needing Olde Furt wisdom re: Urinary Tract-friendly food

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Dear Olde Furts,
I've seen several posts and threads lately about food and supplements and I THINK I saw something in some group or other (I get confused about the groups pretty easily) about new brands of food I've never heard of. I think it is high time we asked for your collective wisdom.

Tethys had a UTI not long ago and the vet recommended she be on canned C/D for life. She hates the stuff and therefore started eating our food. That trick brought down Tutti prematurely so Mom has to have us all on the same food. NONE of us like the C/D so she's mixing it 50/50 with regular food. That's tolerable but I'm still losing weight cry .

Initial online research showed a lot of people feel C/D is not nutritious enough for a life-time of use. I would like to know what people here have done in this case, what UT-friendly food and manufacturers your lovely furples recommend that we all can eat without complications?

Thanks in advance my frinds!
PS - Mom can't eat gluten and has started seeing how much wheat and gluten is in cat food -- it CAN'T be right for us to be eating that!! thinking

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Maybe you can find something in one of these links. I hope it helps.



Edgar ~- Precious- Angel

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oops, I'm sorry I guess the second one doesn't work. red face

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We were C/D dry cats for a long time, but Mama grew unhappy with the (lack of) quality of that product.

The "logic" behind our being on C/D was that our angel brother, Remy, had had some UTI issues, he was eating it excusively, and it was, our vet thought, a "good maintenance diet" for all of us. But after Remy went to the Bridge Mama began to think we maybe shouldn't be eating it exclusively - especially since the rest of us hadn't had any UT problems. (We DID all like the dry C/D food.)

After the food toxicity scare last year, Mama switched us off major commercial cat-food brands for the most part, to a couple of small-label dry foods, available at independent pet stores. (Eagle Pack brand for the most part, because it's easily digestible for Pixie, or Verus when we can snitch it from the ferals.)

Then along came Cow!Cat, and he started having UT problems, so the vet put HIM on C/D dry. So we were back to snacking on C/D and eating the Eagle Pack for the bulk of our meals, except for Cow!Cat who was eating dry C/D exclusively.

But the C/D didn't help him enough. He had to have urinary tract (perineal urethrostomy) surgery this winter, and now he is on a mostly-wet diet. (He can't block any more, but he can still get painful crystals.) He is SUPPOSED to eat Royal Canin SO wet food, which is only available by prescription, but there are a couple of problems with that. #1 he doesn't like it (although he does like it better than C/D wet. #2 it seems to be chronically back-ordered - apparently Royal Canin's production line isn't equal to the demand for this food. The Royal Canin SO is rather expensive, especially sold as individual cans, (online it's over $2 per individual can) but if you buy it by the case, from a vet who recommends it for his patients and so orders large quantities of it regularly, it's about $25/case of 24.

Because of this supply issue and the palatability issue, Mama has been mixing the Royal Canin SO half-and-half with other wet food for him - notably Friskies Special Diet, which the vet also recommended, although not as highly as the Royal Canin SO. Friskies is a big commercial brand, and may not be terribly high quality, but on the plus side they're one of the few companies that had no problem with toxins in their canned foods last year. AND the full Friskies line is available in ordinary pet stores (not sure if the Special Diet products are available in supermarkets.) Mama also occasionally mixes in a high-quality food such as Innova or California Naturals. She's not sure if they're as UT friendly as the Royal Canin SO or the Friskies is supposed to be - but when those are not always available, and their nutritional value is questionable, she figures a little bit shouldn't hurt him and it's superior nutrition.

The Royal Canin SO is also available in dry form, which has not been as back-ordered as the wet. Cow!Cat is supposed to eat mainly wet food, but he gets a little of the dry as a snack. The rest of us really like the dry SO too. It comes in small (4 lb) and large (16.5 lb) bags - the large bag costs about $39.

As you may have discerned by now, Mama is running a cat-food restaurant for us! And this doesn't even go into my specially- tempting foods that my meds get mixed into. laugh out loud

I hope all this is helpful to you. Cow!Cat and Remy were going to start a UT support group, but bad Mama got sidetracked. Maybe she should work on that again!

Ear licks,

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Hi Edgar -- thanks for those links. I will check them out (or find an alternative for the one that doesn't work big grin) because we DO need to do our own homework.

Thomas, I remember when Cow!Cat (some day, that name needs to be explained to me) got sick this winter. I wasn't paying attention to UTI being the cause. Your story sounds similar to others I've read about concerns of C/D being a maintenance food. But I suppose the taste is the real issue -- Tethys honestly did not eat anything at all for 2 days because Mom was playing food-bowl cop and picking up our bowls to prevent Tethys from eating the wrong stuff. Well, this starvation thing had to stop.

As with Cow!Cat, she's supposed to be on wet only but she's a dry eater, so we add moisture to the dry, which we are no mixing 50/50 Purina One Urinary Tract stuff with dry C/D. This is partly to make it more appetizing and partly because of the cost of feeding 4 of us the expensive food. Mom loves us but it doesn't help if she's too broke to feed us! laugh out loud Right now, she adds a bit of water to the wet (used to have to do this for Tutti for her kidneys, too), and are considering using homemade chicken broth instead just to make it more appetizing because she's still not loving it.

Just FYI, the reason this needs to be simple and the same for all of us is because we live in NW CT but Mom's job (Mon-Thur) is on Long Island. And the wonderful lady next door can't play food-bowl cop. It needs to be dead-easy and no chance for sneaking (as Tutti had before Mom saw the light).

We've heard of Evo and Innova just the past couple of weeks and like the idea of getting away from the major brands, but that's good to know about Friskies. We're not sure we trust Purina since Nestle owns them. (And Mom's not sure she can explain any logic there.)

Do you or does anyone have experience with raw food?

If you open a UTI group, let me know? This is obviously an issue for furples of all ages.

Thanks very much!

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Edgar's link just has one little space in it, in the word nutrition, and that's why it won't work. Catster does that when you post a URL for something that's outside of Catster (sometimes even when it's on Catster!). It's Catster's fault!

After you paste the URL in your browser, take that space out and it will work.

There may be a Yahoo group -- not sure. I know someone on Catster I could ask, if you'd be interested.

Try using the "quick search" feature in the regular Catster Forums, too. Type in some key words (urinary, perhaps). I know the food has been discussed there. There's also the "Answers" section, but I don't know how that works. shrug

Sorry I can't help -- I don't even know what's special about UT food. Is it low in ash, or what?

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FYI, Mummy briefly worked at a vet and they sold the Purina veterinary diets there. Apparently they're quite good. I've never tried them, but others swear by them.

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Jake, did you see the latest question to Dr. Barchas on the Catster home page, about whether tuna is safe for cats? It has some information about food and urinary crystals:

PLUS it has a link to a Yahoo page with more information about food and FLUTD that might be helpful:

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Bumping this post up as Kingston recently had cystitis (Idiopathic Cystitis) so its a good time to share any advice that may help him.

I'll start. I used to suffer from regular UTI's when I got older. We treated them as they occurred but we never really figuured out why I was getting them. Then later when I had IBD mum consulted a holistic vet trained in traditional chinese medicine (TCM). TCM is based on fixing imbalances to help you stay healthy and that foods have heating and cooling properties that can help you stay in balance. Anyway per TCM various seemingly unconnected illnesses I'd had through my life including the UTI's and the IBD had the same underlying cause. I changed the type of food I was eating (from chicken/lamb as the main ingredients to turky/fish based foods) and got accupuncture (see the picture on my page) and I never had any UTI's again.

I'd recommend getting a book called "Four Paws, Five Directions: A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs" by Cheryl Schwartz which gives an overview of TCM and then has a great section that goes through common health issues and suggests food, accupressure points etc that you can try at home. Its a good general health book to get and easy to follow.


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Canned food will help way to go The key is getting more water into your body to help keep the urinary tract healthy. You do not need the prescription junk silenced It's a waste of money for a bunch of icky ingredients that are no different from what you can buy in the store confused Many cats refuse to eat prescription food after awhile anyways.

See for info on why canned food is best for all cats and how it can prevent certain diseases/health issues smile

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