Feral studies?

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Hello to all of you wonderful feral caregivers!!

I was hoping that you guys could help me. I have been lobbying my local council about providing better care for the ferals that live in my area. I have found a couple of councillors who have been really positive in their communications.

There are a number of ferals - perhaps 50- on our waterfront. I was wondering what you would consider to be the most important to try and safeguard their health, and that of outdoor cats that they come in contact with.

Some of them do hang around homes and cafes to get fed. Would you say there is a chance that they could be socialised enough to become indoor cats one day? I understand that it is possible to bring young ferals into your home- what would you say is the upper age limit for this to be successful?

Do any of you know of any studies that have been done, or information recorded, on successful programs that have been put in place for ferals? I believe there was one model that was successful in San Diego?

Basically I'm after anything you can tell me. I've read a lot, but nothing compares to the first hand knowledge of people at the coalface!

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I think all depends on the attitude and past history of each feral. Some are more friendly then others due to a better nature or not being abused by people. Some may never become socialized now matter how hard you try. I would treat each one on an indevidual basis. Out of my 12 MAYBE 2 could be socalized at this point. If you can, trap,neuter and release back all that you can!

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Thankyou for your helpsmile

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Try looking online at the Alley Cat Allies site: http://www.alleycat.org/