How much does your chiweenie weigh?


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Jezebel is almost 7 months old and weights about 3 pounds, and I was wondering about how much bigger she might get. I didn't get to see her parents, so I have no idea what to expect. I'm hoping she gets to be a bit bigger, because she Has to be near my feet at all times and I'm always worried about stepping on her paws! Also, about what age did your dog stop growing? Thanks!

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Kean Bean!!!
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Hi! I have a Chiweenie named Kina. She's a year old as of yesterday! I think she stopped growing at maybe 10 months? She's stopped now for sure. She's 5.9lbs. When I got her at 8 weeks she was 0.8lbs. She's still small, but not gerbil sized anymore!! I think it also depends on how Chihuahua or how Dashchund they are. She leans Chihuahua. I hope that helps!


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well, my mommy Daisy weighs 10 lbs now that she is fixed, I weigh about 6 lbs and my brother Bubba (who is from the same litter) weighs about 12 lbs

Arthur- Watley

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My Watley weighs a little less than 3 pounds and he is 5 months old.

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The breeder that I bought Molly from thought she would be less than 10 lbs, but she is a little bigger than that at 15 lbs now. Molly stopped growing about 10 - 11 months.


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My chiweenie "Cash" is 5 months and weighs 7 pounds. Vet said he would probably be 12-15 pounds full grown.