I talk ALOT...maybe im not a NFC


Maraow-raow- (Malvern talk- for Hello)
Purred: Sat Apr 19, '08 5:02pm PST 
laugh out loud
my tail that is so tall it falls over at the top says i'm NFC along with my mane and britches and my front feet that point in.
But i cant stop talking.
I also dont care about water and havent gotten the opportunity to go down a real tree except the cat tree in the house and i've been known to go down head first.

anyone else love to talk????

♥- Pete &hearts

Open the Door!
Purred: Sat Apr 19, '08 5:16pm PST 
I'm not very talkative... I only talk if something is really important, like I'm really hungry and the food isn't coming fast enough. And, I have a really funny voice, too. MOL! But I'm not the only one, Big Bear has a high sweaky voice, which is really funny for a big dud like him! Sid's name at the shelter was Screach, so you can guess how much he talks. Of course, none of them are NFCs, MOL!


Maraow-raow- (Malvern talk- for Hello)
Purred: Sun Apr 20, '08 3:05pm PST 
i like to announce everything i do. If i'm gonna jump up on the window sill, i start meowing to let everyone know what im doing. I also talk alot when hungry. My DSH sister doenst talk at all, i think she's mute sometimes except for a soft meep she lets out when chasing flys! laugh out loud