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Yes I can!
Purred: Mon Apr 21, '08 5:27pm PST 
Oh yes! I do love catnip!
Wear a jingly collar or go stealth?

Orca The- Killer- Kitten

It's a tux thing
Purred: Tue Apr 22, '08 4:59am PST 
Stealth most defiantly! You never want them to hear you paper bag or milk ring?

Milo, In Loving Memory

Purred: Tue Apr 22, '08 7:30pm PST 
Paper bag! Can't resist hiding inside!
Plastic ball or plastic spring?


Meowmy's girl
Purred: Tue Apr 22, '08 7:35pm PST 
Plastic springs! I love them! Too bad they are seem to disappear under the refridgerator! shrug
Toys with feathers or bells?


Professor- Duckworth
Purred: Tue Apr 22, '08 7:40pm PST 
Feathers! Anything with feathers!
happy dance
Carpet or cardboard for your scratcher?


Purred: Tue Apr 22, '08 9:58pm PST 
I like carpet to scratch on, and to scratch on humans!

Do you play with other kitties or mostly bother the humans?


Meowmy's girl
Purred: Fri Apr 25, '08 5:18pm PST 
I play a lot with my cat-brother Ducky.
My human I mostly sleep on!

Sleep at night or prowl around the house?



Where's the- beef?
Purred: Fri May 2, '08 10:43am PST 
both! i sleep snuggled up against a human--i love to lean--and sometimes i'll start up a conversation in the middle of the night but those humans never talk back except to tell me to hush!

like other kitties or not?


Professor- Duckworth
Purred: Fri May 2, '08 6:09pm PST 
I love my sister Gizzie! She's my best friend. Cats other than Giz I don't get along with very well. The few times I've met up with Wes or Milo (who live upstairs) spits and hisses were exchanged!

Covered or open litter box?

Gimme- (Guillermo- Hemmingway)

Purred: Thu May 8, '08 6:34pm PST 
Covered. Actually, I don't much care as long as it's clean! MOL!!

Cat condo (for climbing) or kitty hideout house?

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