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Hello everyone! It is with heavy paws that I inform everyone that Soozee and I are leaving dogster, and our cats from catster.com. The girl who Mami rescued Soozee from has been harassing & threatening us in pawmail to sue us or worse because of "slandor" (sp) because of the arrival story on Soozee's page. Apparently she looked up our town and Soozee by name (i never changed it) and realized it was she, the previous owner who neglected dear Soozee and gave her away at the roadside, Heavy Positive for heartworms, not spayed and covered in fleas. This is FACT supported by my vet who she saw that next Monday morning when they opened.
I never mentioned this person by name but being threatened is not something I take lightly and since this is the only vehicle of communication that person has with us, I regretfully have to shut it off. After all, dog breeding is her livelihood and I cannot afford to be sued as well.

My aim is to avoid trouble. As many of you know, Soozee has been very very sick! The well wishes and help we have had from our wonderful friends on dogster & catster in this trying time for have been the real blessing we have prayed for. And sadder still, last Wed Soozee was going to be tested for the last time and started on heartguard but regretfully tested positive and had to be poisoned once again for the worms. We are praying this is the last time. Anyone wishing to see her Diary of this ongoing ordeal are welcomed to read her page. I have made a lot of sacrifices for my pets GLADLY, I pride myself on being a responsible pet owner. I just won't be able to enjoy my pets here.

I'm going to leave my account on until tomorrow afternoon if anyone would like to message us for well wishes and good byes.
Thanks to everyone, all my Ratty & Lab Buds,
Miss Topsy's Mami

ps I'm leaving group ownership in Chloe's capable paws oxoxox

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Hello, Friends,
We were saddened to read of this "occurrence" to our dear Friends, Soozee and Miss Topsy...cry
Unfortunately, it has happened all too often, that there is "Bad-Blood" between some of the Catster/Dogster Humans; this sort of thing also happened to another dear friend of ours, and she was also forced to leave for a time, although she has since returned...She suggested a website called "www.petsplaces.com", which is still in its "infancy", but is still "nice" in its membership.
Let me remind all of you, that Catster/Dogster is meant to be a "fun" website, and when the Humans interject their "bad" feelings, all of us Kitties and Pups "suffer". We are the innocent "pawns" of our Human's feelings, which can sometimes get beyond the realm of "control"...We also experienced a "bad" thing, about a year ago, when a person/Cat, tried to do a "Scam" on our Momma, and this caused our Momma extreme hardship, at the time...

Then, there was another "occurrence, in another Group, where people were placing "fake" pictures, of Kitties who were "very much alive" into a Catster Group, that was meant for Kitties who had passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. How "sad" is that, to seek attention "this" way...Everyone wants their Pets to live forever, but why put a Kitty that is "alive" in a Group for bereaved Humans???

So, to Miss Topsy, I am sure I reflect the views of all of this Group's membership, we wish you all the best of futures, and we are saddened that this "situation", and that you had to resort to such "extreme" measures. We will miss you very, very much!
(You shouldda just said "Talk to the BUTT"!!!)
Love and Hugs,
Chloe and Friends at BITF