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I'm not- a scaredy- cat
Purred: Wed Apr 23, '08 7:57am PST 
Are you hiring for the morning shift coz that's when we're around Pug Pals? If you're hiring for mornings only..I'm your gal!


Lover boy!
Purred: Wed Apr 23, '08 8:11am PST 
Doodle, I'll take $40 for sitting around!!!laugh out loudapplausebig laugh
No problem, I sit around real goodhappy dance

Sophie- ♥

me- Spoiled!- of course I- am!!!!
Purred: Wed Apr 23, '08 4:30pm PST 

am I still working here..
putting on my apron...
and getting ready for night shift...nights at the cafe are busy...
ya know..plus we have free internet ...bring in yer laptops and drink and be merry and get on dogster...hehehheway to go

Hana Chan- (Rainbow- Bridge)

Very Lady Hana- the Ebullient of- Helions
Purred: Wed Apr 23, '08 6:29pm PST 
Gee whiz Doodle! You've had a really good response to the job ad. Sophie seems to be working out well. You both are such hard workers. It's been pretty busy here. Lines out the door even sometimes! I'm glad you have the free internet too! I think I'll be here all of the time now! When you get a minute, can I have an ice cream sundae? big grin

Gizmo(Rainbow Bridge)

Sweet- Boy
Purred: Thu Apr 24, '08 4:06am PST 
YAWN!! Boy I could use a big mug of your famous coffee and a stack of flapjacks. Put a couple of slices of bacon(extra crisp) on the side.


Where's the- rabbit?
Purred: Thu Apr 24, '08 5:50am PST 
I'll have a cup of that Joe too! Thanks. applause
Got any waffles and maple syrup.big grin
Sohpie, I think you may need to get some help for a few days, I read Doodle's diary and he is going on a trip to LA.
I can help you if you need it!snoopy

Sophie- ♥

me- Spoiled!- of course I- am!!!!
Purred: Thu Apr 24, '08 12:31pm PST 
Sophie running to get
HANA CHAN her ice cream........

Giz his pancakes and coffee....whewwwwwww

and WHAT VACATION! this is the first I ;ve heard of it...yup I will need help fer sure.

ok running back to wait on those pugs by the door.........



Mommy's Lovey
Purred: Fri Apr 25, '08 2:05am PST 
I'd like 4 French toasts with butter & syrup & some scrambled eggs
please. Oh and a cup of decaf coffee too, light with 2 Splenda's.
I'm starving. Thank you. And don't rush. I'm in no hurry.

King Dewey- of- Destruction

I'm not your- typical pug!
Purred: Fri Apr 25, '08 4:52pm PST 
Gosh Bonnie...

Now I'm starving... that sounds excellent.

Sophie- ♥

me- Spoiled!- of course I- am!!!!
Purred: Fri Apr 25, '08 5:10pm PST 
Well welcome to the cafe Bonnie and Dewey...and thanks a million for saying you are not in a hurry..
seems my dawgs are tired..from running..but we are having a little break so I am taking a break

who wants to break with me...
lets see...
I will HAVE a t-bone steak..yummmmmmm
do we have those...bol

break time....
happy dance

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