Has Your Dog Been "Bad" Lately

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Where's the- Ball?! Throw- the ball!!!
Purred: Tue Apr 21, '09 12:58pm PST 
Hey, Shadow! True story: plastic stuff, bags, toys, packaging, etc., can have a microscopic film of oil on them, to keep them from sticking together, and some dogs really like this!


You may- approach.
Purred: Thu May 28, '09 9:45am PST 
shockI am hanging out under the birch tree, waiting for baby birds to come out of (or fall out of) the bird box.


Tail Waggin'- Mutt
Purred: Fri Jan 21, '11 6:17pm PST 
I got a stuffed toy and tore the ear off, ripped the squeaker out and de-stuffed the whole thing. big laugh

Shadow(aka- Mr Man)

Purred: Sun Dec 25, '11 3:21pm PST 
I am posting in this thread to honor my friend Roscoe...

Hope Heaven is having a wonderful Christmas party...

and to all My friends Merry christma

Walker- (Angel Boy)

Purred: Sat Dec 31, '11 11:47am PST 
wavewave Happy New Year wavewave

UWP URO-1- UKC CH Paux- De Deux

Purred: Tue Jan 31, '12 7:44am PST 
hmmm not sure it is bad...when dat chicken did not get out of my way like mum saiz to at obedience class, I helps. I reach out and grabs it...but no chicken! just feathers.....I wuz told I waz a bird dog....hamster dance

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