Purring List for Those in the Military

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Mommy's fuzzy- orange baby
Purred: Sat Mar 1, '08 5:13pm PST 
Hi. I wondered if we had a purring list in this group for those we know in the military?

Purrs for cousin Timothy Pontier, US Navy submarines, Washington State


Can ya dig it?!
Purred: Thu Mar 6, '08 10:57am PST 
We're sending purrs to our Uncle Blake who is in Iraq right now and to all of the brave men & women who stand up for our country!! applause

Mackenzie- (1997-2013)

Miss Priss
Purred: Thu Mar 6, '08 7:44pm PST 

Legolas, if you have more information you can give for your cousin I can put it in the "troops we support" list!


Have Food Will- Find You
Purred: Mon Mar 10, '08 10:40am PST 
Eric Wendt 82nd Airborne U.S. Army stationed in Mamadia (sp?) and to all of our brave soldiershughughughughug

Astro Balzac

aStRO- BaLzAc-mOst- ChaRMiNg Of- MaMaS bOy!
Purred: Sun Mar 16, '08 10:02am PST 
we are sending purrs to mommy's fiance, SPC Sean Rosner who is currently serving in Iraq. frown


lover boy
Purred: Mon Mar 17, '08 5:26pm PST 
One of my best friend's brother in Iraq. Tyler!!!!Big purrs!!applauseapplauseapplauseapplausecheercheercheerhughug


Leader of the- Pack
Purred: Sun May 11, '08 4:25pm PST 
Mommy has a nephew in Iraq and prays for him and all every day. We would not have anything if not for all our brave soldiers!!!!

Thank youhailhailhailhailhailhailhailhailhail


I am an Army of- One...mess!
Purred: Sat May 24, '08 8:22am PST 
Me n my brofers haves our daddy who justest got back in Feb from a tour in Iraq and all our army buddies in Army Aviation who fllies wif daddy in da Armys Apache Longbow Helicopter Gunship. We purrrrrrs for dem eberyday there in Iraq and ebery wheres they be plus all da soldiers in all the armed forces. An we will need more purs in about six monfs cause guess what, Daddy had to goes back to Iraq agains, so put out da purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs pawrease....
way to goway to goway to goway to go

Beau- Ashley- SkitZo,

Ifn itz Wood itz- my chew toy..BOL
Purred: Sat May 24, '08 8:23am PST 
Yea what BabGirl sissy said above....heheheblue dogblue dogblue dog


I am the Bomb so- get use to it!
Purred: Sat May 24, '08 8:24am PST 
PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR What BabyGirl sissy said above about our daddy and all dem wonerful soldiers protectins us.hailhailhailhail

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