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♥- Pete &hearts

Open the Door!
Purred: Tue Feb 26, '08 11:21am PST 
Thanks to Princess Cilantro for jumpstarting the conversations in our group! She's missing the shy gene and I'm so glad!! I thought I'd help her out by starting a new thread we can all participate in... it's all about you! Introduce yourself and tell us a little about you.

I'll start... I'm Pete and I live in Washington state, near Idaho, with my 3 siblings, Bear, Sarah, and Sid. I was really happy that we got lots of snow this year, though I'm happier that it's melting because now Sid will play outside with me. I like grooming, especially Bear, hunting, sleeping on my back, mom's who will carry me around when the snow is really deep, climping trees, jumping in showers, and long naps in the sun. And of course, Princess Cilantro!

Tell us about you!


Purred: Tue Feb 26, '08 5:02pm PST 
Hei my friends, I'm Mikkel, a wegie ,or skogkatt in norwegian. I like most of the stuff that Pete likes and mainly to be free and do whatever i like. .My humans are pretty cool and takes me on forrest- and mountainhikes; I'll get to sit on my Moms shoulders if Im tired, she calls me her little Big Man and struggles on.
I like to watch my humans in their daily routine and like to help out if needed. I'm a plain wegie, not a cat but a fellow! wink

Princess- Cilantro

Valentine’s- Day Baby, Spice- Cat
Purred: Tue Feb 26, '08 6:59pm PST 
Hi Mikkel, wave

Thanks so very much for joining in and teling us a little bit about yourself! way to go I’m Princess Cilantro and live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I like sooooo many things that if I listed them all it would take you all day to read them. laugh out loud Mom says I’m a chatterbox – I don’t really know what that means, shrug but I take it as a compliment. I also have a brother Tarragon, frown who is a LaPerm and a pain in the you know where, but Mom won’t let me trade him for Pete. cry I love Pete he’s so sweet!!! cloud 9

I don’t get to go outside aike you and Pete confused unless I’m wearing my harness and leash, but Mom tries to take me out everyday so I can play in the snow and make snow angels, climb trees and swim in the summer. cheer

This week I’ve been going to work with Mom applause She’s a vet so I’m the “Meet and Greet Kitty” at the clinic. dancing Tarrong0n is grrouneed so he has tro stay home , Mom’s partner Michael took Tarragon out to shoot pool and they had a few drinks –Tarragon’s a bit of a lush, shock but more on that later. silenced

Well, I have to work again tomorrow so I better get my beauty sleep – not that I need it, I’m always beautiful, but I am tired. red face

It was very nice meeting you and I hope you will join in and visit more often! smile

Purrs, Cuddles, and Kisses,

Princess Cilantro cheercloud 9hug


Sweetest kitty- in the world.
Purred: Mon Apr 7, '08 10:52am PST 
wave I'm Thumbellina, or Belle, for short. Thumbellina is because I have 5 thumbs. I've got extra toes on my back feet, too, but they don't look like thumbs. Anyway, Mommy says Belle means "beautiful" in French so I like that as a nickname. smile

Mommy thinks I'm a NFC-mix. It's hard to say for sure because I was born in a barn. shrug I never saw my kitty-mommy because people took me before my eyes were open, so I can't say what she looked like. I got to be raised by people and 4 foster kitties. Then Mommy came and took me home with her. cloud 9 She likes Maine Coons and loved that I had long hair and extra toes.

But she looked at a book on cat breeds and turned to the page after Maine Coon and saw a shadow-picture (sil-o-wet, Mommy said) that looked just like me. It was the NFC page. I have seen a few kitties here that look like me and some think I might be a NFC, too. So we say NFC mix.

I'm a torbie with 23 toes and I'm a little shy. I don't really play in the water or swim like some of the kitties here. I can't get in the shower because there are doors in the way. And I never go out. Mommy thinks it's safer. And since Poodie is allergic to fleas kitty, I don't want to go out there and bring any back with me. Poodie's very nice and I wouldn't want to hurt him.

I turned 4 yesterday party and have a Mommy and Daddy who love me a lot. I get to eat with Lina when it's feeding time. She's Zmrzlina and that's hard to say. So we call her Lina. She's a little strange but she's fun to play with. kitty Elora is my younger sister. She was actually born downstairs, so Mommy knows what her kitty-mommy looked like. Mommy thinks her kitty-Daddy was definitely Maine Coon though because she looks a lot like one. Poodie is our big brother. He's more than 12 years old and he's really nice to us. He doesn't have long hair or extra toes but he has blue eyes.

♥- Pete &hearts

Open the Door!
Purred: Thu May 22, '08 7:21pm PST 
Hi Thumbellina,
Thanks for posting about yourself! You're pretty! I wish I had extra toes, then I'd have more claws to fight with Sid with! MOL. Sid thinks he's the Primary Cat just because his nickname is Speed Racer and he's super-fast! But he's not a very good tree climber like I am, and if I use my claws when we play he doesn't have as much fur to protect him, either. He sure looks funny when he has orange fur in his mouth and in his toes and I didn't feel a thing smile It's hot here, I want that fur GONE! I hope you write again.


Bonnie the- Beautiful &- Bonnie Lass
Purred: Tue Jun 3, '08 9:40pm PST 
Hi, My name is Bonnie , I'm about 13 yerars old and I live indoors with my meow-mom's other rescues - Olive (10), Lucky Streak (5), and Sandia aka Sandy Baby (3).

My meow-mom also has 2 fosters (going away SOON I hope shh) named Crockett (5-8 years old), and Rocca (almost 1 years old).

Though I did let little Rocca snuggle next to me on the bed during meow-mom's nap time today.

I Love to sit next to my Meow-Mom in her big overstuffed chair, *I* am the Queen of the house, and often tell her at night "NOW" it's treaty time "NOW" meow


Bonnie the- Beautiful &- Bonnie Lass
Purred: Fri Jun 6, '08 6:04pm PST 
OH I have extra toes on all my four paws too - I wonder if my 1st meow-mom paid extra when she had me front DECLAWED (OMG glad I do not remember that!!).

If I like water, I don't tell my meow-mom but my long fur does get pretty wet when I get a drink laugh out loud

I can't wait till next weekend when I get my Lion Cut and only have my head fur, and leg fur ohhhhh that feels SO good during thsi hot Arizona summer - thought I never go outside I do make a very funny noise when I SEE a bird, or lizard outside the door hmm like a soft bark?


Bonnie the- Beautiful &- Bonnie Lass
Purred: Sat Jun 14, '08 12:21am PST 
HELP I look like a RAT now *hissss*

ok it feels better in our 105 temps, but OMG has your meow-mom ever had you SHAVED???

This is NOT a good look for my dignified NFC status *besides I'm kissing up to handsome Harvy on another thread and what if he sees my belly!!!*

hmm is it cooler in here, or my kitty flashes going away red face

♥- Pete &hearts

Open the Door!
Purred: Fri Jun 20, '08 8:44pm PST 
Hi Bonnie,
I'm sorry I haven't answered your posts. Mom is on vacation and I have to get Lady Sarah to type for me. She's kind of crabby but she'll do it if I lick her head for her.

Ewww! I Lion-Cut??? Icky, I thought those were just for funny looking Pom's like my brother-cousin, Sammy. I would rather be hot, I think, then have my perfect and beautiful fur shaved off. Our basement is very cold, even when it's 100 degrees, so Bear and like to go down there and hang out together. I hope no one makes fun of you! I'm lucky my fur mostly comes completely out for summer, though not fast enough for me. In fact, we had snow 1 week ago and I didn't have enough left. I hope that the rest comes out now that it's summer. In fact, my step-sister's thought I was a short-haired cat!!! Silly girls, but they only see me in the summer or Christmas and last Christmas they didn't come home.

Thanks for posting!

Hadley- Adelina- Bumby

Got Milk?
Purred: Wed Jul 16, '08 9:36am PST 
I'm gonna jump into this... seeing as I do that with everything else! I will be 4months in only a few weeks and I'm getting bigger every single day! happy dance

My name is Hadley and I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio. My mom wishes that I was sometimes more like Bonnie, with her extra toes - that way, she could TRULY call me a Hemingway Cat! But, she loves me all the same! She did however, name me after Hemingway's first wife - Hadley Richardson.
I usually never speak, except when my mom leaves the room and I don't know where she is. I'm incredibly playful. I usually wear myself out! I'm not afraid of anything, specially change. Mom and I often take drives down to Grandma and Grandpa's house to see my siblings - Layla and Jadea. The hour long drive is very enjoyable and I usually just sleep in my cat carrier, never making a fuss! I love Layla and Jadea's new playmate, JoyJoy(a purebred Collie). Although she's a million times my size, I love to play with her.

I love my Mom very much and I never leave her side. I follow her everywhere and I have to cuddle with her constantly.

I'm learning to play fetch and I think it's the funniest game ever invented!

I can never drink enough water! However, I never drink out of my water dish. I drink out of my Mom's glasses/cups. Everytime she takes a drink, I have to take one too! I feel so grown up when I drink out of a human glass of water!

I'm completely perfect in everyway except that I do have to get a lot of baths. Because of my long hair and my tuffy paws I often end up with smelly stuff all over me after I use the potty... doesn't make my Mom too happy, but I'm pretty sure that I can't help it!

*** I adopted Hadley from a shelter and I wasn't sure that she was a NFC, but the bigger she gets the more convinced I am. She may be mixed, but she's got a lot of NFC traits and I couldn't be happier! She's a lovely little girl and she's very dear to my heart!

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