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Lucy Too

short on legs- but not on heart
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Lucy Too came into my life on 18th December 2005. I had phoned my vets to ask for a repeat prescription for Bugs and they asked if I had room for another cat. Lucy had been abandoned at the local RSPCA clinic. Her family had brought her in to be put to sleep because they had bought home a dog and she hated it!! Our vet refused to put her to sleep on those grounds and got them to sign her over. He noted she had something wrong with her front leg and x-rays showed it had a partially healed compound fracture. Because is was partially healed out of alignment he had to remove the leg. It's most likely Lucy had been hit by a car as she had a lot of damage to her teeth too. She was so incredibly nervous to begin with and I wondered if she would ever calm down. Thankfully with much love and affection she is a much happier cat now. she is still very nervous of loud noises and strangers but has proved to be a very loving and affectionate cat.


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Shopping in a local pet store, my roommate and I came across a local animal shelter having a cat adoption event. As we walked past the row of cages, one cat caught my roommates eye. She was a very quiet torbie with very red and runny eyes. She had a very sad story. She had been blinded with a herpes infection in her eyes that had not been treated. Then to add insult to injury, her people moved away and just left her alone in the apartment. The rescue organization was contacted, and this precious little girl was taken in and treated. My roommate, Bette wanted her, but it was unrealistic since we already had 8 cats of our own and were fostering 5 cats from another rescue organization. As Bette hugged her she whispered in her ear that some day she would be back for her. Three months later we were down to 2 foster cats and we knew that one of them would be going home soon. I had my reservations about taking in a blind cat. I didn`t know if she could fend for herself with our other 8 and any fosters we might bring into the house. I also knew that she probably would not find another home. Most people want a perfect cat when they adopt one. I told Bette that if the cat was still at the shelter after three months, I would agree to taking her home. When our foster population decreased we went to the shelter....and she was still there, sitting in her cage, waiting for Bette to keep her promise. Once home, we decided to keep her in a cage, since she didn`t know where she was and she had been caged for such a long period of time. We fixed up a large dog crate for her with everything she needed and set it up in the living room. She just sat there. She didn`t groom herself, and probably hadn`t for a while. Her coat felt all thick and dull. She seemed so depressed. Every day we took her out of the cage and loved her....petting her talking to her, kissing her and brushing her. We kept music on all day long for her to stimulate her other senses. We were concerned because she didn`t eat dry food well at all. After a week or so we began leaving the cage door open when we were in the room. She just stayed in the cage where she felt safe. After consulting with 3 vets, we decided that the best course of action was to have her eyes removed and her eyelids sewn shut. Her eyes were always runny, she was always rubbing them as though they irritated her. The vets felt that the reason she wasn`t eating dry food well was because the back of her eyes caused pain when she ate. About 2 days after the eyes were removed we started to see changes in her personality She started eating well, and cautiously coming out of her cage. She would go about 3 feet from the cage, then turn and run back in. She began grooming herself and playing with toys. Now she is just a healthy 7 year old cat who has the run of the house...and can be found just about anywhere. She plays with her toys and some of the other cats just as though she could see. She has brought joy to our lives! Lucy, with my help, has written a poem I would like to end with.

Hello, My name is Lucy, I`m as happy as can be; I`m just the same as other cats, except that I can`t see. I love to run and jump and play, I have my favorite toy; My brothers like to play with me,My life is full of joy. My mommies, how the love me, they tell me every day; How their lives have become fuller since I came to stay. They wish that I could see them, I`ve known this farom the start; I hope that they can understand, I see them with my heart!

Fido- (2/21/92 to- 3/14/08)

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Fido started out as a normal cute little kitten. She would climb into the dog food bag and sometimes fall asleep in side, that's how she got her name. She was brought into the house at the same time as a puppy. I was only 12 and she was 4 monthes when she had her accident. There is a ledge right by the back door of my parents house and as I was trying to put the puppy outside, Fido had climb up on the ledge to look outside. I didn't know she was there because I was crouched down, I pushed the puppy outside and shut the door. Unfortunately Fido was still looking outside and her neck got shut in the door, just like when you shut your finger in a door. I was scared and thought I had killed her. On the way to the vets she started to cry and tried to get up. The vet said she lost oxygen to her brain long enough to be considered dead and not to expect her to be the same. He said she would probably have some balance and mental problems. She was on steroids for about 3 monthes.

Fido is 15 now. She has moved with me to three different house and never has had any issues with new surroundings. She does have problems falling to her right side and as she gets older she tends to lean more and more to the right. She jumps up and down from things just fine, it's going from sitting to standing or visa versa that causes her to wabble and sometimes fall over. She also can fall while she's sleeping and of course she has to sleep on the arm of the couch. I try to make her sleep so if she fallls off the arm, she falls onto a pillow on the couch and not the floor. She does have some anger problems. She can't tell the mood of other animals so she's always on the defense around most other animals. She also has no cry or meow that sounds nice, all her cries sound like she's mad. She's a tabby talker too and she really confuses the dogs becuase she likes the dogs and cries for them to see her and lick her but they can't tell that. Our other cat Popcorn is passive and has never attacked Fido but it has taken Fido about 6 monthes to realize that and be semi-nice to her. Fido is a joy to have. She's over affectionate to every person she meets. Loves to bring socks and her troll doll up from the basement, and drools when she gets any attention, and she gets alot of attention. She's my terrier in a cat body that had a tramatic brain injury. She's the worst and best thing that has ever happened to me and I cherish every day that I get to spend with her.