Could Democrats Influence Our Primaries?

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U-Cat you are too much! Our mayor did the same thing. I guess Bloomberg (a lifelong democrat) figured he couldn't win against the dem candidates, so he became a republican. The worst part of that was listening to the dems in the neighborhood (we lived in Brooklyn then) complain about "that republican mayor" whenever he did something they didn't like. GRRRRRRRR!!!!!! I admit that I don't trust McCain either. I can't put my claw on it, but there's something about him..... Huckabee was governor of Arkansas and the last one of those we had as president not was a nightmare, he's like a cockroach, you can't get rid of him!!!!

I have known a couple of people who checked "unaffiliated" so they could vote in whatever primary they wanted - not necessarily to throw off elections, but so they could go with whoever they thought would ultimately win. Unfortunately I know many many many people who either aren't registered or just don't bother to vote. They "can't be bothered" or think it doesn't effect them or that their vote won't make a difference anyway. Meowmie's only missed two elections since she was old enough to vote: in 1989 when David Dinkins was elected, and one other mid-term election when she was sick. She didn't vote in the "dinkie dave" election because she my human bro was teething, they had just moved (she didn't know where to go to vote) and honestly, she never thought he'd win!!! She, daddy and a friend watched the results that night in shock!!! Dinkins supporters went through the streets and rounded up homeless people to get them to vote for Dinkins (they gave them food & coffee, some reports had them giving them money too!). Meowmie vowed to never miss another election. You know she was scolded one year for voting for George Marlin for mayor! One of her neighbors told her she wasted her vote by voting for someone who couldn't win!!!! A lot of people in Brooklyn would wait until the evening to vote so they could vote for the front runner. It's kind of like the surge in the fan base of the team that wins the Super Bowl or World Series.

Sorry for rambling! I agree with Fee (hey that rhymes!) i wouldn't put anything past the dems, but I am inexplicably shocked to hear that they would be so bold as to play games at the voting booths!!!!

And they say Pres. Bush stole the election.....


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I only just noticed your comments here Fee and Onyx. Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Feb. 1st was U-Cats birthday and mine too. I guess I was celebrating. I to have witnessed the rounding up of the homeless, the infirm, the uneducated, and the vote-selling college kids for the Democratic cause. Many cartons of cigarettes, bottles of whiskey, and ipods change hands on election days. We can't do a thing about people buying and selling votes, unfortunatly. The thing that you really have to watch for, if your working the polls ,is the poll workers pretending that a machine is down so that they can load it votes for Democrats, on the behalf of dead people. They get nasty when they are caught and you have to get nasty right back. You will probably be alone since they have a habit of changing their affiliation in order to take Republican poll slots away from us. Stand strong! If a machine goes down...get to it as quick as you can. Stay there until it's "fixed" If you catch them red-handed report it immediately to the leader of the Republican party in your district, and let them call the press.

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They can and they did!!!!

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